Facebook Tweaks New Homepages in Response to User Complaints

first_imgThe Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… Tags:#Facebook#news#NYT#social networks#web About 1.2 million users have now voiced their disapproval of the new homepage through this unofficial poll (only 80,000 left positive feedback). This also means, however, that an overwhelming number of Facebook’s over 175 million users didn’t register any opinion yet. Will These Tweaks Help?If Facebook were indeed a democracy, one million votes would barely register, and Facebook’s users have always had a propensity for complaining about any change to their beloved service. Still, it would be hard for Facebook to just simply ignore a million irate users, though it seems like Facebook is not ready to completely backpedal and bring back the original design – instead, it is actually adding more functionality to the updated homepages. Cox’s post on the Facebook blog also doesn’t address some of the main issues users had with the new design. In reading through most of the earlier feedback, we didn’t see anybody who was looking for auto updates of the feed or minor tweaks to the interface – instead, most users simply wanted the old layout back.What Should Facebook Do?Facebook obviously has no interest in upsetting its users, but we will have to wait and see if the tweaks that Cox announced yesterday will be enough to appease those users who passionately dislike the new design. The current feedback is not exactly encouraging in this respect As we reported last week, Facebook’s users clearly disliked the latest updates to their homepages, and now, Facebook is giving in to pressure from its most vocal users. According to Facebook, its users were especially unhappy with the lack of filtering mechanisms for the news stream on their homepages, and yesterday, Facebook’s Chris Cox announced that the company plans to tweak the current design in order to give users greater control over what updates appear in the news stream.Better FiltersBesides reducing the application content in the stream, Facebook will also introduce automatic updates of the feed, so that users won’t have to reload the page. Given how much Facebook pushed the idea that the stream was ‘real-time,’ we always wondered why this feature wasn’t part of the original design.Facebook also plans to introduce features that will filter out wall posts and other content that is directed to specific users, in order to make way for more content that was explicitly meant to be shared with others. Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification frederic lardinois Related Posts A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Auditlast_img read more

IRS Reminds Preparers of Due Diligence for Tax Credits

first_imgReturn preparers have heightened due diligence requirements in dealing with certain tax credits, the IRS has reminded practitioners. The Service highlighted the American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC), child tax credit/additional child tax credit (CTC/ACTC) and the earned income tax credit (EITC) in an updated online training module.Comment. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (P.L. 115-97) extends preparer due diligence requirement to head of household status. This new diligence requirement is effective after 2017.Due DiligenceLegislation passed in 2015 expanded preparer due diligence requirements. The CTC/ACTC and the American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC) were added to the due diligence regime imposed on claims for the EITC. Preparers must comply with due diligence requirements in determining eligibility for the credits and the amount of the credit. These requirements include completing and submitting Form 8867 which provides a due diligence checklist. Form 8867 is filed with the taxpayer’s return claiming the AOTC, CTC/ACTC, and/or EITC.Comment. The IRS reminded preparers that they “must ask additional questions if a reasonable and well-informed tax return preparer, knowledgeable in the law, would conclude the information given to you by your client or known by you is incorrect, inconsistent, or incomplete.”PenaltyPreparers who fail to meet their due diligence requirements are subject to penalty, the IRS cautioned. For tax year 2017, there is a $510 penalty (as indexed for inflation) for every return with at least one failure.Example. The IRS discovered that Albert prepared 25 returns that failed to meet the due diligence requirements for only the EITC. The penalty for tax year 2017 would be $12,750. However, if those the same returns prepared by Albert also failed to meet the CTC/ACTC and the AOTC due diligence requirements, the penalty would be $38,250, the Service explained.LettersPreparers who file “highly questionable refundable credit claims” may receive one or more letters from the IRS. The Service sends these letters before and during the filing season. Penalties are not assessed at the time the letters are sent; however the IRS cautioned that it continues to monitor the refundable credit returns prepared by recipients. “If the quality of the returns does not improve,” the Service warned of further actions, such as a due diligence audit.RefundsThe IRS also reminded preparers that some refunds will be delayed. The Service must hold refunds on returns claiming the ACTC and/or EITC until February 15 (IR-2018-6; TAXDAY, 2018/01/15, I.1). The IRS expects the earliest EITC/ACTC related refunds to be available in taxpayer bank accounts or on debit cards starting on February 27, 2018, if the taxpayer had chosen direct deposit and there are no other issues with the return. The additional delay is due to several factors, including the time needed by banks and financial institutions to process direct deposits of refunds, the Service explained.By George L. Yaksick, Jr., Wolters Kluwer News StaffLogin to read more tax news on CCH® AnswerConnect or CCH® Intelliconnect®.Not a subscriber? Sign up for a free trial or contact us for a representative.last_img read more

3 days agoMan Utd hero Evra slams ‘weak’ Arsenal: They’ve always been babies

first_imgAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your say Man Utd hero Evra slams ‘weak’ Arsenal: They’ve always been babiesby Freddie Taylor3 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveFormer Manchester United left back Patrice Evra did not hold back in his assessment of Arsenal and their players.The United legend was on Sky Sports as a guest pundit, analysing the Gunners’ clash against Sheffield United on Monday.Arsenal lost the game 1-0 and put in a limp display against the newly promoted side.Speaking about Arsenal and the game, Evra said: “First of all I’m really happy for Sheffield.”They deserved the win but I’m not surprised by Arsenal and I told you that before the game, make sure they don’t fall in the trap.”I used to call them my babies 10 years ago and they’re still, when I look at them, my babies and that’s the truth.”I’m not being disrespectful when I say that, it’s just the feeling I got with this team.”They look pretty, they look good but they don’t look like a winning team. They’re just here like playing good football.”When I looked at Arsenal, I was so happy to play against Arsenal because I knew I was going to win.”Even when Robin van Persie came and the first day I shake his hand and I said: ‘Welcome to a man club’.”At the beginning he was like upset but after one month he said ‘you’re completely right Patrice’ and that’s my feeling.”[Matteo] Guendouzi is the best in midfield but he is a player who was playing in the second league in France and he was even not like playing regularly, and he’s the best player on this team.”I know some are fuming when they see [Granit] Xhaka is the captain of Arsenal.’I respect them, like [Pierre-Emerick] Aubameyang, [Alexandre] Lacazette, but you can see if those guys don’t score goals, they are in trouble and nothing’s changed.”I am like ‘where is Arsene? Where is Wenger?’ because it’s the same.” last_img read more

Quebec weighing legal options as judge temporarily suspends facecovering law

first_imgNEW YORK, U.S.A. – The Quebec government will wait for its lawyers to study a court decision this week that temporarily suspended a law banning people from covering their faces when receiving or giving a public service before deciding on its next step.Premier Philippe Couillard told reporters Friday in New York City, where he’s on an official trip, that it will be up to the province’s lawyers to determine whether to challenge the ruling as the province’s religious neutrality rules go into effect on Sunday.Section 10 of Quebec’s law on religious neutrality, passed in October 2017, requires everyone to show their faces when receiving or giving a public service.Quebec Superior Court Justice Marc-Andre Blanchard ruled Thursday that Section 10 cannot enter into force until it goes through judicial review because of the irreparable harm it will cause Muslim women.Couillard said the issue is no longer in the political sphere.“We will wait for the legal opinion, this is not a political decision,” Couillard said. “It’s a decision that must come after a legal analysis, but what it shows is that we are in a very delicate area of the law.”A judge suspended Section 10 in December 2017 until the government published clear guidelines under which someone could apply for a religious accommodation to the rules.The Quebec government published the guidelines in May, and they were set to come into force on July 1.Blanchard ruled the guidelines are not clear enough, and confusion and uncertainty still exists regarding how the accommodation process would be applied.Couillard wouldn’t concede the law was confusing, instead attacking opposition parties and challenging them to explain how their proposals would stand up to the court test, given they’ve vowed to go even further.Opposition parties have argued the legislation didn’t go far enough to enshrine the concept of state secularism into law, while Muslim and civil rights groups said it targeted Muslim women who wear face veils.Agnes Maltais, the Parti Quebecois secularism critic, said her party has been saying for several months that secularism should be incorporated into Quebec’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as is the case in Europe.“Adding secularism to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms makes it possible to look at laws like the one on face coverings in a different way by judges,” Maltais said.“It provides a framework for the way we want to live in Quebec, and that is in a secular society.”— with files from Yves Schaeffner in New York City.last_img read more

Report Tyrann Mathieu Might Stay At LSU

After thinking about it, LSU’s exiled Tyrann Mathieu has indicated he would consider staying at the school if he has a chance to be reinstated to the team next season.When coach Les Miles made his bombshell announcement that Mathieu, called the Honey Badger, was kicked off the team, it was unclear if it was a permanent banishment. But a source told ESPN that it was not permanent and that it’s possible for Mathieu to be reinstated at LSU in the future.One of the most dynamic players in college football, Mathieu was said to be considering transferring to McNeese State, Prairie View A&M and Jackson State. The rising junior would be able to play at those schools this year.He is hoping to stay at LSU in part because of the “support system” at the school, the network reported. Mathieu has two years of eligibility remaining and three years in which to use that eligibilty.Mathieu was dismissed from the team Friday following failed substance-abuse tests, but he was not dismissed by the university. The possibility of reinstatement would have to be approved at many levels, including university administration as well as Miles, and it is being discussed.Mathieu has visited McNeese State, and that remains an option, according to a source close to Mathieu. And although other FCS schools, including Jackson State and Prairie View A&M, have expressed interest, they are not options at this time.Mathieu has been described as “heartbroken” and “grieving” since his dismissal from the team.Mathieu has told people close to him that he is interested in working on his maturity and character and also in seeking out any way to continue his education at LSU.The possibility of declaring for the NFL draft after this season also exists. But Mathieu has told people close to him that draft status it is not a priority at this time. If he were to stay at LSU, paying his own way for at least one season is a possibility. read more

The Biggest Blunder Of The World Chess Championship Is A Deleted YouTube

Game 4 of the World Chess Championship in London began with a fitting surprise: the “English Opening.”Magnus Carlsen of Norway, the three-time defending world champion and world No. 1, began the game by pushing the white pawn in front of his left bishop to the c4 square — a relatively rare move at the game’s highest levels. Fabiano Caruana, the U.S. challenger and world No. 2 trying to become the first American world champion since Bobby Fischer in 1972, pushed a black pawn to e5. And with that, the English had come. Few bells would be rung for the rest of the game.Game 4 ended in a draw, just as the three previous games had. It was an uninspired 34-move, 2.5-hour episode. The match for the game’s highest prize remains level, at 2 points apiece in a race to 6.5.1Wins are worth 1, draws 0.5 and losses 0. The boring result failed to overshadow the real drama of the day: the Zapruder film of this world championship.But first, the chess.“Carlsen is trying to avoid that really annoying Petroff,” Robert Hess, a grandmaster, said during a broadcast on Twitch. The Petroff Defence is one of Caruana’s favorite chess tools when he has the black pieces, but he can deploy it only when white cooperates by opening with a pawn to e4. Carlsen’s opening move, therefore, was preventive — or “prophylactic,” as chess players like to say. (Bards of the game, one and all.)The pattern of pieces that developed on the board is called, rather delightfully, a “Reverse Dragon.” The Sicilian Defence has a variation called the Dragon — named after the resemblance of the pawns to the constellation Draco — except in this case its colors were reversed. But the position breathed no fire on Tuesday.After 10 moves, the game was an exact match of a game that Caruana played against Wesley So, another top American grandmaster, earlier this year — the only such game that had ever featured this position, according to ChessBase. Given how recent and high-profile it was, this was a game that Caruana and Carlsen almost certainly both remembered well. read more

This UConn Team Was Better Than Last Years Team

It’s getting harder every day, the search for unused superlatives to heap upon the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team. On Tuesday night, the Huskies captured their fourth consecutive NCAA championship with an 82-51 rout of Syracuse. The victory made star forward Breanna Stewart four-for-four on titles during her four years in Storrs and capped off a run the likes of which hasn’t been seen in the college game since John Wooden’s UCLA squad won seven straight men’s championships in the late 1960s and early ’70s.UConn is all about rings — coach Geno Auriemma now has a record 11 of them, after all — but a championship can only really signify supremacy over the competition within a given season. When a team dominates as thoroughly as these Huskies have (they won their NCAA Tournament games by an average of 39.8 points per game), history becomes the only opponent. And even against that standard, UConn keeps raising the bar.Gathering stats on women’s sports — even a popular one like basketball — is a notoriously (and shamefully) frustrating endeavor, but we can try to quantify a team’s dominance using historical data from Kenneth Massey and Sonny Moore, a couple of the power-rating makers featured in our women’s tournament prediction model. (Massey’s data goes back to 1997-98, while Moore’s picks up in 2004-05; the other two rating systems from the model do not provide historical archives.) 22015Connecticut381+51.2+52.5+51.8 52002Connecticut390+49.8—+49.8 112013Baylor342+43.0+41.5+42.3 92012Baylor400+48.6+43.6+46.1 YEARTEAMWINSLOSSESMASSEYMOOREAVERAGE The greatest NCAA women’s teams since 1997-98 Source: Kenneth Massey, Sonny Moore Admittedly, power ratings aren’t everything. For one thing, in the absence of player-level era adjustments like FiveThirtyEight editor-in-chief Nate Silver’s Baseball Time Machine, they aren’t capable of accounting for changes in absolute quality of competition over time. But, if anything, the women’s game is evolving rapidly enough that UConn probably faced more talented opponents in Stewart’s senior season than it did when she was a freshman. And in the face of those changes, the Huskies adjusted even more quickly, upping the ante for how good a college team could be.It’s anyone’s guess how much of this impossibly steep ascent UConn can maintain after the likes of Stewart and Morgan Tuck depart for the WNBA next season. But for now, let’s take a moment to appreciate what the Huskies accomplished these past few years: a run of dominance so impressive that even future incarnations of UConn will have trouble topping it. 192001Connecticut323+38.7—+38.7 32014Connecticut400+56.3+46.3+51.3 212011Texas A&M335+38.4+38.9+38.7 82000Connecticut361+47.4—+47.4 142012Connecticut335+40.5+42.1+41.3 72009Connecticut390+49.9+45.3+47.6 172013Notre Dame352+40.2+38.3+39.2 And to the extent we’re able to measure things,1In this case, I set Massey’s and Moore’s ratings on the same scale and averaged them for years in which both numbers are available; for seasons before that, I just used Massey’s rating. the 2015-16 Huskies were the best team of the modern era of women’s college basketball … supplanting the 2014-15 Huskies … who supplanted the 2013-14 Huskies. Each of Stewart’s final three years saw new ground broken in the area of women’s basketball greatness. 102014Notre Dame371+44.0+42.6+43.3 162008Connecticut362+40.5+39.6+40.1 62013Connecticut354+47.4+49.0+48.2 12016Connecticut380+54.7+52.9+53.8 132011Connecticut362+41.5+41.3+41.4 182006Duke324+40.1+38.2+39.1 152012Notre Dame354+41.2+40.6+40.9 222010Stanford362+39.6+37.5+38.5 Embed Code More: Apple Podcasts | ESPN App | RSS | Embed 202011Stanford333+38.7+38.7+38.7 By Neil Paine POWER RATING The Hot Takedown crew dissects UConn’s fourth straight championship. 242007Tennessee343+40.7+36.1+38.4 251999Tennessee313+37.9—+37.9 232008Tennessee362+39.9+37.1+38.5 121998Tennessee390+41.4—+41.4 42010Connecticut390+52.2+49.0+50.6 read more

Ohio State mens soccer prepares to defend Wolstein Classic title

The Ohio State men’s soccer coach said his team will need to perform better than it has so far to defend its Bert and Iris Wolstein Classic title this weekend. After winning their homefield tournament last season, the Buckeyes (0-2) are coming off back-to-back losses to the University of Dayton and the University of Illinois-Chicago last weekend. After the pair of defeats, OSU heads into its seventh-annual edition of the tournament this weekend to take on Coastal Carolina Friday and Davidson Sunday. In 2011, the Buckeyes won the Classic after sweeping Florida International, Stetson and Binghamton. “We’re not off to a good start,” said men’s soccer coach John Bluem. “We know that we didn’t play as well as we need to, so hopefully the guys are going to feel that motivation to perform better.” The two early-season losses, however, are not getting junior team captain and defender Sage Gardner down. Instead, Gardner is using the two early season losses as motivation for the weekend. “I think we’ve got to use those games to fuel our desire for the upcoming weeks, especially this weekend since it’s the Bert and Iris (Wolstein Classic),” Gardner said. Sophomore transfer and midfielder Yianni Sarris and freshman midfielder Zach Mason are new to the Buckeyes, but both agree the season has not started as planned. “I think we’ve had a good preseason building up to the regular season but the results haven’t been what we’ve wanted,” Mason said. Sarris agreed. “We definitely learned a lesson and we’re going to come out and do our best and do everything we can as a team to get some W’s this weekend,” Sarris said. The Wolstein Classic is important to players and coaches alike – Bluem said he knows the team could use the wins on the home pitch. “The Wolstein Classic is something we’ve always taken great pride in and tried to win that tournament for the Wolstein family,” Bluem said. “They’ve been good to us and we really want to try to play really hard for them.” With two difficult opponents, Bluem said the home wins would help the players forget any issues they had early on in the season. On Tuesday, Coastal Carolina moved up to No. 16 in the NCAA Division I rankings, but Sarris does not see that as a concern. “Both Davidson and Coastal Carolina are great teams … they’ve had great programs these last few years,” Sarris said. “But I think we can come back and get some wins this weekend.” Bluem said he sees possibility for a turnaround. “There’s work to be done and we’ll get better,” Bluem said. “So I think that everyone is looking forward.” OSU’s Friday game against Coastal Carolina at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium is scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m, while its contest against Davidson is slated for 2:30 p.m Sunday. read more

Early runs create snowball effect as Ohio State baseball loses to Dayton

Junior outfielder Pat Porter catches the ball during a game against Eastern Michigan April 8 at Bill Davis Stadium. OSU won, 8-1.Credit: James Grega Jr. / Lantern reporterThe University of Dayton just keeps on beating Ohio State.Just a few weeks removed from the two schools playing in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, the Flyers (13-17, 5-4) took it to the Buckeyes (19-14, 2-7) on the diamond in Columbus, beating them, 8-5.Normally assuming the role of closer, junior pitcher Trace Dempsey started for the Buckeyes Wednesday.“I let the team down today,” Dempsey said. “It was important to get this win today and I didn’t really come out or give us an opportunity to win … today my body language got out of hand and I kind of sucked a little life out of the team. That’s my fault.”With the Buckeyes either winning by blowout fashion or trailing late in recent games, coach Greg Beals has been giving Dempsey extra work during the mid-week games.Dempsey was sluggish early, walking and hitting a batter in the first inning. Those two early mistakes proved costly as two unearned runs crossed the plate following two errors on a ground ball hit by junior infielder A.J. Ryan.Beals said those two early runs were the key to the game.“We walked a guy, we hit a guy, and we committed an error,” Beals said. “And we gave them two runs in the first inning. That set the tempo for the rest of the game.”The Flyers got another two runs in the third, this time earning them off Dempsey.With men on first and second, back-to-back RBI singles from Ryan and sophomore outfielder Aaron Huesman pushed the Flyers’ cushion to four.The early runs gave the Flyers provided the spark needed to overcome OSU.“This is one of their biggest games of the year and we can’t give them any hope,” Buckeye junior catcher Aaron Gretz said after the game. “Once they get some momentum it’s like a snowball effect. We can’t give up those early runs like that.”The Buckeyes found a sense of urgency in the bottom half of the inning, scoring three runs of their own.Gretz led off with a double before advancing to third on an error and scoring on a wild pitch from the Flyers’ freshman starter Nick Gobert.OSU redshirt-sophomore shortstop Nick Sergakis followed with a double of his own and scored after another double from teammate and sophomore infielder Troy Kuhn.Kuhn eventually scored after an infield single by freshman outfielder Troy Montgomery to pull the Buckeyes within one.The Flyers answered in the fourth, though.Freshman Yianni Pavlopoulos came on to relieve Dempsey, and the Flyers got men on first and second with redshirt-junior outfielder Alex Harris up to bat.With Pavlopoulos making only his second appearance of the season, Harris took full advantage of his inexperience and sent a pitch over the left-field wall for a three-run shot to push the Flyers’ lead back to four.Redshirt- senior relief pitcher Tyler Giannonatti came in after Pavlopoulos and pitched two scoreless innings for the Buckeyes, who began chipping away at the lead.OSU redshirt-sophomore Ryan Leffel had an RBI single in the fifth and freshman outfielder Ronnie Dawson smashed a solo home run over the right-field wall in the sixth to put the Buckeyes down two.The Flyers pulled a run back in the eighth off freshman Travis Lakins on a sacrifice fly from redshirt-junior infielder Sergio Plasencia to get the lead back to three with only two innings left.Another run for the Buckeyes was not in the cards, though, as sophomore reliever Nick Weybright shut down the Buckeye bats and gave the Flyers the 8-5 win.Dempsey and the Buckeyes have a chance to right the ship in a series with Big Ten foe Penn State this weekend in Columbus at Nick Swisher Field at Bill Davis Stadium.First pitch Friday against the Nittany Lions is scheduled for 6:35 p.m. read more