Again the case cited link effect can not be overlooked

can see, up to now, the rain has 287 links, not simple! About why the rain suddenly came Shanghai dragon home, the online articles concerning this matter too much, here I do not analyze the analysis of those than I am sure good brother industry analysis, we are interested can love Shanghai go! We want to point out is that the rankings so fast, links to account for a very large part of the link, is pushing him up


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can be seen from the chart, the station didn’t seem to what in particular, contains only more than 100 points, the chain is not very much, but the effect is amazing, why.

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these days often have a novice friends to find me, and I complained that I have just started to work, salary is not high not to say, every day will do no technical content of things, I have what future heart very grievance. I heard them say wonder, why ah, what makes you so depressed, also felt a confused future? They told me that their supervisor is asking them to go every day for Links, daily work is changing Links, other things to do. I listened, smiled, and asked them a very simple and a little complicated question, "why do you want to send the chain every day?" they come back is competent to bully them is new, then let them do these things without technical content… .. Oh, so I have to explain to them why every day to send the chain, what is the role of the chain?…… I don’t speak too much theoretical things, it gives two examples of

first look at his comprehensive, and included website weight.

second case; renovation site, included more than 100 points, love Shanghai estimated flow more than 10 thousand, because the A5 requirements do not appear outside the chain, so you can see from the diagram. Open view, you can open the station to see, can also use Adsense tools to check, I have to help you look good, directly figure

is the first case; rain; we must not to rain strange, last year Shanghai dragon circles of a dark horse, was A5 and many other well-known website interview, visible rain is now regarded as a "celebrity", this word before the rain may not have the index, now refers to a few hundred, effect this is the brand. Then we return to the past to see the rain, then rain son rushed Shanghai dragon home, the keywords ranking is higher, we won’t say how long did you stay in the home, and is not used for cheating methods, we can see a little rain, that is Links, until now, link rain is still standing friendship so much, but now the rankings do not, why, because love is Shanghai concern, we know everything on the map

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