n 2012 the eight most important Shanghai dragon and social media marketing strategy

2, in the major social channels registered brand name

now, if the lack of social policy, a good search engine optimization strategy is not complete, but also a good social media strategy with search engine optimization activities to help you. In order to make your online marketing effectiveness maximization, the following eight is your best strategy should be used:

site search engine optimization audit

allow site visitors to easily keep in touch with your brand can help in several aspects of the brand: first, it is to maximize the value of each site visitor. If they are not ready to buy your product, but they have been very interested, then at least they will follow you on Twitter. This can make you keep in touch with them, but the effect than those from >

both published a new blog content through social channels jointly issued, even if it is only a simple "good morning!", you also need to create and publish content. This will not only help to build consumer trust and brand loyalty, but also to the search engine that you really care about the consumer. This is a hint of credibility.

but not limited to Facebook and Twitter. Google +, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest not only in the search engine algorithm of increasing importance, and also in terms of audience coverage.

a site search engine optimization price is relatively cheap and disposable, generally do not need more than once a year.

if you are reading this, and you do not have a Facebook page and Twitter account, then you should immediately apply for their own pages on the two platform. Only need to have their own pages within these channels, brand can improve search engine rankings, because the practice proves that it has the credibility and authority of the search engine.

3, through your social channels publication

displays the social media connection button

site search engine optimization audit is the basis of search engine optimization activities. This audit will help you to answer some questions, for example: your title and tags have been optimized? How keywords proportion? Some web pages are connected with certain keywords? If you have a site map HTML and XML format, Google can grab? How the page loading speed and so on?.

4, on each page of your site.

is different from a few years ago, search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) and the boundaries between social media began to blur. Google and Bing than ever more use of social signals in its ranking algorithm. In addition, they not only monitoring site external events, will also occur on the site monitoring of things.


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