Pay attention to website title keywords set from the details


, a position before and after the Title Keyword

did the webmaster or web design used drmeaweaver software to design the web of the webmaster can understand, web design will first title keywords and description of "writing code, although the information website users cannot see, but with many years of observation and Research on the search engine for website keywords, head set, keyword description attention gradually increased, in a new round of reform of the search engine, website and the website decisionrelevance of fate, the head set of keywords search engine is the most important criteria for the title of the website, so the keyword set all the webmaster can not be ignored, so how to set good keywords, detailed summarized as follows.

customer greed can not be met, many customers as far as possible to think of the words required for the title keywords, including telephone, the author is relatively disgusted. Set the site title keywords must be controlled within the search engine for characters, experienced webmaster will observe that the search engine on the characters often within 65 characters, then the key outside 65 characters will be set so many browser truncated, useless, which requires the optimization of personnel for the title keyword simple, accurate with good control.

Website Title keyword set is not completely optimization promotion is more special, let the user know what is the theme of this site. So head as far as possible with the 65 character maximum website content description complete. An example of "female facial skin care products compared to " " " beauty products; more likely to attract the attention of users, get more traffic, a search for most beauty products are women.

on site optimization keywords experienced personal website, will know the keywords in different locations of the site title after the effect is not the same, the law tells us Website Title keywords by the search engines give attention (weight) is high, we should use a keyword to resources. Customer commitment (or difficult optimization keywords) on first, it is easy to have a better ranking in the search engine, if you want to choose the product name as a keyword, the author is usually placed in the back, because most of the products are relatively easy to long tail keywords, optimization. Of course, customers for promotional products brand is also considered, usually placed in the front, so the search engine more attention, if appropriate optimization is very easy to get good rankings, so as to effectively improve the visitor clicks. In short, before and after the title key is placed, the most important thing is to consider the needs of our customers.

, two bytes of header keyword conforms to the requirements of web

three, accurate, concise, full title description

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