Keywords new found Taobao customers can actually choose that

customers to choose keywords and not Commission of the higher the better, because many small shops will be opened to the Commission set very high, even more than 50%, but the real deal when he will take the price pressure is very low, the postage is very high, because the postage is not Commission, eventually their own interest will suffer, actually this is only a small example, there are more examples to illustrate the necessity of choosing keywords, is not listed here. Below according to their own practical experience and we explore exactly how to find and select keywords.


third is from a single area, many forums have Taobao off the sun single section, actually this is the webmaster of the fruits of their labour, the sun alone generally caused many webmaster attention, but we should not only pay attention to the income and numbers should be more careful observation of these successful webmaster do what the product is, the use of these promotion methods, how to study the profitability of these products. Copy the web search in love in Shanghai.

keyword is always the priority among priorities in the process of doing stand, I in the election of the election of the next keyword text and share the importance of the selection of keywords, site may be of different sizes, different development strategies, quantity and quality optimization keywords will be different. So the site before the start, first find the right keywords is imminent. Three ideas today and share with Taobao search keywords guest website, are found in the summary in practice today, write, we want to help.

this is one of the best ways, because these posts are webmaster share posts, is after the stationmaster gets commission generally relatively high real words from the bottom of the heart. From this post, you can see two aspects and signature, general content will be referred to what they do, if the content is not involved, then the signature generally have web links, we only need to look at the signature can understand one or two, you will find the high value of the words. After all, these are hard to mining webmaster, I used this method for what efforts to find a lot of good words.


second, to search for a keyword, it

second is a keyword search, then you will find a lot of websites have been ranked, choose the optimization of long tail keywords good website click to enter, see what is their promotion. If you jump directly to Taobao store on this website, you can click on the Shanghai love snapshot view site Links from the snapshot, these Links is actually a direct response to the webmaster thinking, Links words are generally the owners after careful screening, want to be ranked keywords, so the existence of commercial value, and difficulty is not great. This method can follow it, dig out a lot of available keywords.

third, to get single stuck found words, analysis

, the first to look at the forum to share posts, find business opportunities

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