Farewell to the chain eliminating troubles soft link more awesome diversification

site optimization cannot leave the chain of promotion in Shanghai Longfeng optimization "the chain for emperor" you can get a glimpse of its importance. How much Shanghai Longfeng workers rushing in the chain? In the deluge of advertising information is remarkable. However, efforts to pay and benefits are often not proportional, after repeated promotion, many websites tend to fall into a vicious circle: the promotion of the more diligent, but more powerful website ranking drop. What is the cause and how to keep these hard cast to waste, efforts? I think:
A: website promotion link is not stable
can now be released outside the chain of how much real but beyond count, can save the web site? An improper promotion will have been administrators and moderators to delete, even a letter to IP. A link is deleted, the website is not up to enhance the level of optimization in a short period of time, but if the hard to build hundreds of links to be removed? Site drop right is inevitable! This situation is also reflected in the use of a delete free blog sprocket. With the promotion of the network spread, stable and reliable can send a link to sites is less and less, but what about high weight? The higher the weight, the link itself is bound. The link is deleted, no artificial intervention, has become a big problem for promotion link instability.
and on the other hand, Web links in high weight website construction and not a lot of choice of the low weight website, seemingly can compensate enough to matter, but in the end still by search engine eliminate doom. A lot of low weight website operators are in jeopardy, and how to bring you weight? Not to mention the low weight website included a lot of change is another common thing, a K station, right down the chain, do more are frustrated.
summed up so much, what do we get? Web links want stable development must be diversified, not alone to rely on certain websites and chain extension. And a plurality of links can be "Links platform, Post Bar know, forum portal, recruitment website……" So, these are the webmaster think. In fact, this place has a lot of people doing. But as a webmaster you feel too too observant of conventional standards. it? In fact, have to say, so time-consuming optimization promotion already OUT, so said, I think: now "soft Wen promotion" has more potential to eliminate traditional optimization.
the so-called soft Wen promotion, as the name implies, is also a kind of promotion, but the difference is that "bring people value at the same time, let the user take the initiative to accept your promotion content" which is different from forcing the user to accept your advertisement. As can be imagined, an active and a passive, which one is more effective? Hard to send advertising, can not avoid the dead, but the high quality soft Wen to send, the results are significantly different. In fact, if the owners use soft Wen promotion investment >

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