Shanghai dragon chain era outdated now the fight is original

read some articles in the Shanghai dragon A5. Did not expect only a few articles you feel learned a lot of knowledge, even below the tiger net and everyone to share their insights.

recently, a series of algorithms such as the promotion of love Shanghai, Scindapsus algorithm, Mars plans are for our webmaster. Because we have these personnel quickly forced Shanghai Longfeng to ruin. As we all know, most of the ranking of a website is on the outside of the chain. Now, love Shanghai began punishing some soft Wen advertising. And the forum signature effect to reduce. Classification >

first, about the chain.

1, we can listen to some video, such as some news and information we hear in your own words to write, then add some of their own feelings is also a good original article. Now many people are using this method.

3, according to the latest news information to write. For example, some time ago the child killed by a dog, even the Pizhou tiger net suggest that you can write something we should how to prevent children from being bitten, or is that the dog people how good their dogs are linked with the latest topic.

third, on the site of the original article writing.

second, about Links.

fifth, Shanghai dragon began to change, how long you can hold on.

exchange Links, we must look at the other site SITE home page is not on the first page. There are DOMAIN instruction check. The friend and that the SITE instruction is not the first home page is normal, because the news began to pay attention to. The row in front of the are some news I just heard him say so, oneself still have to verify the validation.

listen to my teacher said, previously only by the forum signature can put the website ranking to do. But now. Love Shanghai has also recently launched Scindapsus algorithm is mainly aimed at some soft outside the chain. A soft, appear in a lot of different sites. Will be the site that is done in the garbage outside the chain. So, directly copy and paste friends, do not use this method to do the chain. Want to write your own text best original articles published.

on the Internet, free Shanghai Dragon technology almost as long as the intention to learn innumerable, can learn. However, the Shanghai Dragon technology has no what too big effect. For example, the signature of the chain. The classification of information network. Because the love of Shanghai has begun to punish such information. So, in the Shanghai Dragon technology is also high, we must do some creative innovation, Shanghai dragon. How do you want to go by you. In short, play tricks.

fourth. Now the fight is not outside of Shanghai dragon technology. But originality.

2, we can find some articles to modify, add your own understanding to modify.

Shanghai dragon When

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