Practical analytical webmaster how to do foreign trade station link strategy

may have some friends to see, meng. How could I is so complicated that the painting was not too good, so I release you.


said the construction of foreign trade station, most of the company’s approach is the rapid reduction has been well site, and then quickly stood fast spam ranking, hang a a. Here is not to say the station building, I think the same data template as a start for the baby to Googl e included noble impression is very low. So I think it is best to use their own data, then the template for a change or change, and I found that the megento program had the better of the noble baby, it is also relatively fast, bug is less and I love it with the news module, convenient update. After I set keywords, will allow people to write articles, and then when I stand a good job also uploaded the data, I will direct upload these articles, and optimize internal links. I will build a blog, which is two of the directory, then the blog article is pseudo original batch release up, within the chain and master news module the cross connect, will catalog URL cross connect, it will form a good chain structure. But I believe there is more better expert test approach, here I just empty talk only, oh. Foreign trade station internal link is a technology live, because a large site architecture with small station we usually do is incomparable. Including two directories, directory page title title title title optimization, describe the optimization, optimization of product pages, mall architecture in the construction of the chain are all live, which relates to the knowledge of the estimation of no less than ten thousand words. OK, the direct access to the theme about the foreign trade link building.

said not start to die in high PR link can add. A new station, you can add a link to PR, it is easy to cause the GG assessment, and the cycle is long, if the high PR link during which you lost it, you stand is very vulnerable to right down, so a new start or add some stability, high correlation link for the best. If your website and check the situation is relatively stable, you can add some outside the chain of high PR, but not all heap home, due to a foreign trade station in general have a number of categories and sub categories, so from the perspective of Shanghai dragon, the chain configuration of the target page reasonably is very important. Besides the general imitation brand out of a single station are some long tail word, and some types of products, is many times the product model is the directory of title pages, so the copy card station directory page recommended to increase the chain, so that a single rate slightly higher. Good, then please look at the following thinkmap, I’ll explain in detail:

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