The network bookmark has no weight transfer effect of Shanghai Dragon

love Shanghai love Shanghai collection was included only 1! And is a collection of settings, no obvious weight transfer effect of Shanghai dragon. Then I use the music and Cape of Good Hope are the two most frequently used network bookmark for example, and we explain a little jump and shielding case:

Cape of Good Hope is the use of search and ask JS jump the same, as there is no any effect on weight transfer. The following diagram:

music collection and Shanghai Longfeng effect, are the ones I love to do it without the favorites, registered mail validation, email as long as casually enter a string of gibberish, then add a NetEase or other e-mail collection is also very simple, as long as you want to add the collection site, a key can be completed. However, in a chance, I found the music collection by adding a nofollow tag, as shown below:


2, Cape of Good Hope

PS: I installed browser to detect nofollow tags plug-in, nofollow links will be used automatically marked red dotted line.


music collectionWhen

source file

I am here only for everyone to see a screenshot of the source files, interested can go to a Cape of Good Hope collection site, look at the source file is this. See the link whether Shanghai Longfeng transfer effects, can go to see my previous article: "judge whether Shanghai Longfeng link weight transfer effect".

source file as follows:

obviously, the collection of music collection links are no longer with the Shanghai dragon weight transfer effect, nofollow intended to tell the spider do not follow this link.


bookmarks so far has lost Shanghai dragon chain effect, writing this article is mainly to continue to struggle in the early head back, to avoid the precious.

bookmarks are: music collection, Cape of Good Hope, QQ bookmarks, love Shanghai collection, collection, box and so on. Network bookmarks so far has been that the webmaster is a chain construction method, simple and effective for before, in fact, is indeed one of the bookmarks, a simple and effective way of the chain and now, most of the network bookmarks have lost Shanghai Dragon Phoenix weight transfer effect, for various reasons we don’t know, most of the network bookmarks were shielded or jump on the link. To see whether a collection of links Shanghai dragon clip collection effect, is the first to see whether it will be included, speaking of which, I love Shanghai "ban" collection, first collected, love Shanghai collections are as follows:


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