Modify web page title triggered by the murder

fourth: after the Spring Festival to return to the company immediately updated a few articles, the number of love Shanghai included effect is increased, but the snapshot is still 12-30 days, when it seems at present only at the end of February Shanghai love big update can come back from the dead.


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did not update the station I love Shanghai 2 months, below I combined with their own situation to analyze the reason of love Shanghai not update. First, the life of the station, I was in November to take over the work, this is what I do, I personally think that is not what the website structure. In December to begin to do the optimization formal, just start to love Shanghai are updated once a few days, then gradually to every snapshot.

: the first at the end of December last year, Shanghai love snapshot has been updated to the day, on January 8th, but the good times don’t last long, I made a big taboo, I modify the site title, change the words of the site. The next day, when I open again when the query view, shocking scene appeared in front of me, the snapshot back to file to 12-30, love Shanghai number 80 articles collected from down to 72. But the main keywords (i.e. company name) also display, complete with a cup.

second: in order to save the day, I immediately bought 3 Links in stationmaster station, respectively PR6, PR3, pr2. Then continue to update the content, but the effect is still not obvious. There is a strange phenomenon, the snapshot is still 12-30 days, but every day on my morning update, the afternoon was included. It is estimated that the PR6 Links benefits of

third: until February 2nd, the company holiday that day, the website snapshot still stays in 12-30 days, and then go home, not to update the content of the website for 10 days.

through the above description, you must also understand the fundamental causes of this problem in what place. The key is to modify the site keywords problems, SO! To remind the webmaster, determine website title and keywords after they don’t change at will.

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