How to quickly edit the high quality of Shanghai Longfeng paper

second, appropriate to increase the picture. For search engines, although not love pictures, but if the reasonable setting the ALT attribute on pictures, or will not affect the love of Shanghai. The key is used in this way, it can effectively improve the original. Of course, in addition to an important advantage, that is to let users read up more easily, that can effectively enhance the user experience, which for the website optimization, is also critical.

first, use short sentences and paragraphs add a subparagraph. This way is similar to his style, sometimes can be a word as a. In the writing content, also as much as possible to use a comma, comma may form, will be a long sentence into several short sentences, so that one can allow users to read more smoothly, reduce the difficulty of reading, on the other hand, it also can enhance the degree of the original, because according to the search engine algorithm, if more than 13 the word will be judged as like as two peas, plagiarism, so the sentence is short, even in the Internet are as like as two peas sentences, will not be considered plagiarism. It can thus enhance the original.

so in this article how to edit the Shanghai dragon can play a better effect? I think we can start from the following aspects.

love since the Shanghai launch of the original plan, the original web content for the website ranking effect becomes more and more important, but the content of the original creation and after all few, it is also very difficult, so many people started a little innovation in the content, which can meet the demand of Shanghai Longfeng optimization better, one of the most common the method is general, pseudo original, pseudo original up to about 70%, in the love of Shanghai algorithm can be the default for the original article, then add some appropriate keywords in the content, can be very good to use the original article.

third, appropriately increase the anchor text links. A lot of Shanghai dragon hate the optimization of every word can be a chain or chain, and pointing to the internal web site several pages, and even the content irrelevant links, this kind of optimization, not only can effectively improve the optimization effect, but also on the website optimization of negative impact. So the scientific editor of Shanghai dragon, to as much as possible the use of compression anchor text link anchor text link text, usually up to more than 1%, that is to say if your keywords are three characters, then at least content will have 300 words, otherwise it is difficult to improve the optimization effect.

fourth, reasonable arrangement of keywords. Shanghai Longfeng optimization, reasonable arrangement of keywords is also critical. At present the most advanced method is to let the keywords appear more natural, and can randomly appear in the article, but there are few but need to focus on, and these places can be placed for natural keywords, the optimization effect is still very good. The few places are.

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