The enterprise website how to do high quality natural chain to improve the weight and ranking


enterprise website for the food chain, the first product of this enterprise is the main food, health food, so the chain will do the content and the combination of food, the food every day to write a lot of original text >

and Enterprise Station

do not know, enterprise website external chain chain for special attention, enterprises can be divided into two kinds, the first is the website chain, to do with the weight of the table with the second is used to do promotion, promotional products for the home and then take URL. The two is the optimization of enterprise staff love to do the most, do not know if there is no resonance of the enterprise owners? This is actually a mistake, a lot of enterprise website is due to do promotion with URL and lead to site is down right by the K station was plucking, perhaps this is the chain enterprise owners think. According to the author found that many enterprise webmaster want to do high quality natural chain to improve website ranking and weight fast, because they are clearly that the enterprise website is very small, good content in the well in the chain can rapidly improve the site keywords ranking, then the enterprise website how to do high quality natural chain to improve the weight and ranking? The author with business owners sharing.

first, the chain content must have correlation and enterprise website. Now many enterprise web site optimization personnel chain has a common chain content what are, and whether or not the relevant enterprise website to do first say, I have seen the most powerful enterprise web site is the chain site outside the chain of food, not a food related website outside chain and food as well as the theme of the site, and then in the forum, classified information network as a platform, and finally no matter included not included. I think this is a mistake, first of all to the content of the chain and site theme and enterprise products are relevant and targeted to what we do outside the chain, in order to attract more traffic, let keyword rankings, put the other website weight transfer to our website, so the author thinks that the enterprise website the content of the chain must have correlation and enterprise website and products.

For example: the

, a chain of content to have the correlation between

today, the Internet can see the big and small business website, the enterprise website ran a purpose, that is to let the enterprise website can have a good weight, rankings, flow, let the image of the enterprise, product and service information transmitted to every user’s hand by way of the site. However, with the increasing of enterprise website, competition is also more and more enterprises, in order to make the site in the competition to stand out on the website, use unscrupulous divisive tactics to do a lot of optimization, write original, outside the chain, exchange chain or even black hat, these are the enterprise network optimization personnel do every day but the most important work, the enterprise website or do outside the chain, in the enterprise to optimize the personnel and veterans of the eyes only the chain can make the strongest website, of course in the chain but also good quality content.


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