Real love poems and songs of the Shanghai encyclopedia entries

increase rate by the way of love Shanghai encyclopedia, many people wrote, one is the account level, two is to love the Shanghai Encyclopedia of complaints, three is to add a link to a reference or a reference to article four, high authority, content to be wide, five is submitted for ID.

recently added a soft exchange group, the people inside are basic knowledge base, this two days we discussed in the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love unity do to more easily through the reason, is a well-known webmaster want to own name and do stand experience submitted to love the Shanghai encyclopedia, to improve their visibility, but love the Shanghai Encyclopedia of the dead do not let him go, because he also submitted multiple letter number, anger is so heavy, has been in the group for support.


love the Shanghai encyclopedia, weight can be said to be outside the chain all the way to the highest one, many webmaster dreamed of the links do love Shanghai encyclopedia, but the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love is too difficult to do, others modify entry difficult, more difficult to create a new entry, the pass rate is low enough to want to cry., unless you don’t add links, it is by not too difficult, but not with us on this link with hairy. I have done many times before., plus links have failed, with nearly 10, the success rate of 16%, is not only a plus links, do my awful, I had not the encyclopedia, but love the Shanghai library and A5 soft pass, I’ve always wanted to no, you’ve been competing with.

said to love the Shanghai encyclopedia, then the content is sure to be authoritative, but authoritative entry basically has been created, also need to modify the high grade, the content should be more authoritative than others, it is difficult to succeed. Since the link is too difficult to modify the entry through, then we can always create own entry, entry requirements entries also have the authority to help the public. So we have to think of an authoritative, useful, and not by many Shanghai dragon created entry. Don’t forget me, we think of a series of afternoon: poetry, and the experiments prove that our conjecture is true.

to tell you the truth, they said yes, but in doing so we pass rate is very low, basically can not say, say too wide. This afternoon our group of friends is to discuss a method, dedication out here.

This two

poetry, belonging to ancient times, now there may be some people in the study, but the study of Shanghai dragon should rarely, to edit more love Shanghai encyclopedia, so there is a certain degree of operability. But some of the more famous poetry must have been edited, so these are not should we choose, those not famous poets are not what we need, because the public does not know whether or not the person we are looking for some of those famous, there are 1, 2 poems the more famous, pick out his other famous poems, such as Wang Wei’s "Huang Hechi", and "Shou" memory.

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