Dmaker love Shanghai creative expert analysis of competing products – product positioning and archit

can be seen from the above love Shanghai creative experts is to achieve "from production to release" one-stop creative production solutions. Love is a relatively independent and complete exchange of Shanghai creative expert system, users can access at any time by the independent creative compass call. Can also directly access the Admaker through the compass making creative advertising.

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competing products are:

ADmaker and all competing products:

love Shanghai creative background expert

ADmaker and its related competing products, and strive to traverse all the tasks. Familiar with all the features of ADmaker and its related competing products, the update of a clear perception.

Go check the

"love Shanghai creative experts" is a system for online advertising materials to create and share the Beidou system. An online advertising consists of two products making tools "ADmaker creative experts", another is "creative sharing platform", the two products are collectively referred to as the "love of Shanghai creative experts".

introduced the background of competing products


"advertising share platform" mainly is to upload and share advertising materials, the purpose is to present advertising on the Internet to create an online platform for sharing and display, not only put in love above the Shanghai advertising, any creative advertising can share platform of communication and display.

2. from the product positioning, information architecture, and the main process steps, function distribution, interactive features, product features such as content analysis of competing products:

"ADmaker creative experts" is used for the production of online advertising material, and can realize the function to generate the Flash online advertising, and as the direct online volume generated 18 standard love Shanghai advertising size, and were not Beidou system interoperability, to achieve a "one-stop wizard from production to release" solutions, custom function the editor is very powerful, function allows users to upload pictures, text, background images and other customized advertising. Version 2 also supports object drag and rotation.

1. familiar with


as far as possible a comprehensive analysis of competing products, summarize the various competing products slightly superior, help ADmaker absorption of each director, materials become the best and most professional domestic production tools.

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