The process of the website of Shanghai Longfeng frequently encountered problems and solutions in

as a professional staff of Shanghai Longfeng, every day we are dealing with the site, of course, the website weight, website keywords ranking, website traffic, website brings visitors and the conversion rate of how we are in the summary and thinking about the problem, the author thinks that in the process of website optimization, we not only see the website keywords ranking, more important is to see how to bring real customers and orders for the enterprise through effective flow, but often encountered in the optimization process of some optimization problems have stopped us, today I own in the face of questions of Shanghai dragon in the optimization process is how to analyze and to solve the we provide some valuable ideas, good gossip, we continued to get short.

second, after the site right down how to efficiently handle. In the optimization process we often encounter is the site down the right, a little above the author has done a bit of introduction, the author specifically targeted to explore, such as even a year for their site weight maintenance during the first half of the year has been good, but the recent drop right? We should be how to effectively restore it the author believes that after the first website? Right down the first time we should pay attention to the webmaster forum, to see whether the recent changes in the search engine algorithm, other friends large-scale website drop right? Or only their.

first, the process of Web site optimization not self-confident heart not sure. This point in the novice friends is very obvious, the author is over, before beginning to do the optimization will also appear in the confusion, the main reason for this situation is that the lack of experience and skills optimization optimization, the main performance is in when receiving an optimization project are often unable to start the website, not updated snapshot, ranking no weight, instability and so on negative factors together, we are at a loss, I own experience and analysis, general website snapshot has not moved, you can you stand in the quality factor analysis is truly high quality standards required to achieve the original search engine no, the weight and ranking of the two general situation if it is within 2-3 months, no new ranking is normal, not impatient, daily the day Do the work on the OK, if you just took over the old station has the weight and ranking? If there is certainly their late improper operation, caused by the search engines right down the chain such as low quality, update frequency and instability. Secondly, if you just took no ranking, can analyze the site on-line time and the proportion of articles included, for before the operations to timely and before the supervisor or the person in charge of communication is not a recent drop right, they have done what operation etc.. Through the analysis of these traces, generally whether optimization excessive or too short time on-line love Shanghai is still in the study and so on do infer general judgment, we try to find our doubts for the daily operation, after trying to find that an effective way to solve the problem after your confidence will be greatly improved the.

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