Micro-blog search will become a traditional search engine Challenger

to Sina micro-blog search as an example, the current Sina micro-blog search provides real-time and popular two kinds of micro-blog search results ranking, although there is no traditional search engines as accurate and authoritative, but compared with the traditional search engine, micro-blog search has shown some advantages, let me feel the huge potential of micro-blog search. Personally think that due to the special nature of the micro-blog carrier, micro-blog search will exist in a completely different from the traditional search engine form, there may even be a Web2.0 era rule makers.

is a gold mine, which is no doubt. We look at sina, Sina in the fourth quarter 2011 financial report, Sina micro-blog registered users has exceeded 300 million mark, Bo users daily volume over 100 million. We can see that micro-blog includes the user’s personal information, such as preferences, mood, views on certain things and so on, also includes various brand promotion, the latest information released by the news media, all kinds of unexpected news, as well as some grassroots large hair interesting passage pictures and so on, these work together to build a rich relatively complete micro-blog ecosystem.


it is also worth noting that 28% of micro-blog search users every day at least once in the micro-blog search for information. Believe that with micro-blog to penetrate people’s lives more deeply, more and more enterprise users to content to micro-blog and so on these trends, the proportion will rise. The figure comes from CNNIC.


quote: recently more focus on new products, after experiencing products, always want to see if there are other media reports from another point of this product, also want to listen to or read by users of the product have what kind of views on this product. I always try to use noble baby, love Shanghai to search, but then slowly imperceptibly formed on the micro-blog search habits. I know this involuntary habit of necessity and my needs and my search intentions are closely related, just micro-blog search can meet the needs of my.

, in the news.

used for Internet users search, the CNNIC report points out: when work related learning (knowledge), Internet users search for the highest proportion, 75.9%, followed by the interested information (topic) and download software (products), respectively 67.1% and 63.6%. And in the use of micro-blog search users, 70.4% of people searched for hot news events, search for friends, celebrity search information, search information in 2, 3, 4 respectively 64.6%, 53.7%, 45.4%. We can see that in this hot topic search demand, the traditional search engine and micro-blog search, there is considerable overlap, and even the existence of competition. In view of the fact that micro-blog has more interactive topic, I boldly predicted this is a hot topic in the search function of micro-blog will occupy an increasingly important position.

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