Novice Shanghai dragon, the forum signature effect really you imagine so good

, I also try to reprint the article form. With the signature like this. However, the time did not find what effect. Until last night that I know all this problem.

forum I have many. Is every day doing the signature chain. But I found that the number of domain name. The effect is not very good. Because few day do BBS signature so much but the chain chain is increased. I also know that some forum is a signature of the anchor text do not check out, love Shanghai. But not so little. So, I feel the bad effects of forum signature.

you know, now the search engine for the chain chain than the total number of domain names more attention to. So, we can’t just to do the chain number. And the domain name will increase. This is equivalent to a vote. The weights of multiple domain names to their website to vote than to their website several domain names to vote. Therefore, the search engine will think site is very valuable.


forum signature, is a forum in person write his signature on the link. Almost a lot of forum are not signed. Of course there are, the anchor text is the best, but rarely with the anchor text, usually plain text or hyperlinks in the form. We usually do, see a good post, and then reply, so our signature will be displayed. When the spider collection of this article, we will also be included in the link.

The number of

know why I always do BBS signature chain? Although many friends said the forum signature effect had nothing? It is because my former teacher also do every day in the Shanghai dragon signature chain. Why do if he really has no effect if? So, I trust my teacher to do BBS signature chain. However, this time more than a month later. I understand it all.

began to study Shanghai dragon now has more than a month’s time from a month ago. I almost do the job is to write the original article, the chain. The original article today won’t talk, talk about the main chain of the problem.

yesterday evening, I deliberately checked several ranking good forum. Look at him.

I have to do the chain BBS signature, classification of information, business yellow pages platform, quiz, library, love Shanghai know, only recently do love Shanghai experience. Today is mainly talk about the problem of BBS signature chain.


method I tried for more than a month. The effect was good, every day the chain has increased. However, slowly feeling this BBS signature of the chain effect is too low. I do not think so. Today, BBS signature chain occupies most of my site outside the chain link. Every day I will do BBS signature chain. In the chain at the same time, I will also collect some new forum signature. The number of our forum has a lot in the course of time.

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