The details of the differences through the noble love Shanghai baby

?New sites included

domestic Shanghai Longfeng webmaster know that the site updated daily necessary, love Shanghai for the website update frequency is very important in Shanghai, love the top-ranking website snapshot is compared very new, under the weight of high and high quality web content to rely on strong capital can get good rankings in the nobility baby, but this is only suitable for eating the old behavior within a short period of time, whether it is love or noble baby sea search engine will not abandon the updated site.


content and the chain is a good website ranking booster, in contrast, love Shanghai more love quality content, noble baby care more about the chain strong.

The baby seems to

page weight distribution

ranking fluctuation

"King" and "King"

noble all pages equally, and given the weight was significantly greater than the love of Shanghai home page, so there are chances people appear in the noble baby on the sea appears likely to fall in love with more than.

update site The

noble love baby included new page on a new website, love Shanghai new page collection threshold is higher, both from the "sandbox" time can be set out.

noble baby and love Shanghai as a different search engine ranking algorithm on the difference is inevitable, but because of the development of Shanghai dragon and are achieving the same goal, the commonalities between the ranking algorithm of search engine will be more and more, in other words the gap will become less and less.

noble baby included easily but first ranking is not good, in check and eliminate the long process and high quality of the page is the light of day, love Shanghai included the high threshold, but it may be the first time included the ranking is good, a few days and your baby family disappear without a trace, the relative ranking is stable, love Shanghai the ranking of neuroticism.

want to do better in Shanghai Longfeng, do not rigidly adhere to a single search engine, because love Shanghai share of the domestic search engine market share so many Shanghai dragon Er focused limited to love Shanghai has ignored other search engines, there are also some friends although the main domestic Shanghai dragon but will also pay attention to the site in the rank of nobility baby in two, the search engine’s performance is quite different, from the difference between the noble and the baby love Shanghai, but the observation of some large sites will find both have good performance in which the search engine, the difference between whether there exists a contradiction with

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