Shanghai dragon — how to get millions of free traffic


3, the era of information explosion

1, Web1.0 era, is the "stack" stage

because it needs to understand the principle of optimization search for love in Shanghai. Such as search P>

3, built after the site, we need a means to get free traffic and users and guide the needs of users.

users can use the search engine to search the information he needs, as he can through Google or love to go to Shanghai to search for relevant information he needed.

2, through information analysis to meet the needs of users to create websites.

Shanghai dragon get traffic flow diagram is about this:

two, Shanghai dragon principle

, into the Shanghai dragon

search engine is born in the "search" stage, and then spread to the stage of promotion. The Shanghai dragon real development in 2004 to 2005, with the rise of Shanghai Longfeng, many companies set up their own Shanghai Longfeng department, as our department as.

at this time, all walks of life there has been a large number of sites, these sites are relatively intense competition, so how to get these website users? This is the need to promote.

4, meet and guide the needs of users, this is a continuous cycle, to optimize the process.

what is the Shanghai dragon? Shanghai dragon is the concept of search engine optimization, its purpose is to obtain the keywords ranking in the search engine to obtain accurate user to access the site, and then generate sales or brand promotion purpose.

why do I say this? Because of this and the theme of this article "Shanghai dragon how to get free millions of traffic" associated with the flow, refers to the site traffic.

1, to understand the needs of users. The website needs to understand the needs of target customers have?

we all understand the history of the development of the Internet, there are three stages of development:

three foreign search engine, Google, YAHOO, Bing, the three major domestic search engine, love Shanghai, 360, Sogou, love sea share is at least 60%, 360 accounted for about 20%, less than 10%.

2, Web2.0 era, "search"

this story probably occurred in 1998, two gifted students at the Stanford University in the United States, they developed a set of search tools, the search tools for global users to search for information, this tool is Google.

this time is just the rise of the Internet, the website information began to like goods piled up there, the user can get some information passively, web portal based on.

before the start of the first to tell you a story.

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