Shanghai Longfeng experience contribution of flow by using the history page

Figure 1


there were two different links, are scouring the net K information page, a page number is 1288, the other is a 3230 page number. The two page is very representative, just indicate two different pages, one is from the time of the accumulation of a single page of high weight, the other is the recent hot topic pages, then we are in accordance with the following two different types of pages to analyze than.


transfer weight", this is a term often heard I just learning when I was in Shanghai dragon, to Shanghai dragon Optimization Engineer consulting what is to transfer the weight, the other hesitated explanation was not clear, just as long as the high quality articles or more outside the chain, you can transfer the weight, but I due to lack of wisdom, so hear the clouds know that later in the actual work process, gradually found that one way to transfer the weight, feel this way is quite good, and share with you, to write this experience, hoping to attract.

No. 1288 page, as the name suggests is earlier than the 3230 page, this is the author in an article last May update, entitled "love song 2013KTV song list duet list", this page currently has nearly 20 thousand views, and the trend is steady, the type is not change radically, because of the traffic has been concentrated in a few key words long tail, so every day brings IP relatively stable.

from Figure 3 we can see that the 1288 page flow is more from the "Retim list" and "Retim list 2013" and "2013 Retim list". And this is the time to accumulate.

as long as we make good use of love Shanghai statistical data inside the function, can bring the results very good for us, for example, when we want to know their web page specific situation, as long as the landing of love of Shanghai, then click the "visited pages", then click "IP", then you can appear in IP from more to less page arrangement, so that we can easily understand what the web can bring IP traffic for us.

, a search page can meet the needs of the accumulation of page weight

1, by the time of the accumulation of the high weight of single page

what is the search demand? You simply update the page is in line with the actual needs of the population search, if your page is in line with the requirements of search words, you will be able to accumulate page weight.

(Figure 2)

(Figure 1)

(Figure 3)



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