Three Shanghai dragon easily neglected problem in website construction

customers to view your site Keywords tag is the production site to set up you can view with webmaster tools, webmaster tools at 贵族宝贝tool.chinaz贵族宝贝/ point to open the URL behind 贵族宝贝 input your web site, click on the "input after Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive query button" Please add WWW as I check our own company website as shown in Figure:

description tags:

of website construction website production staff of the frequently used methods: right click to view the website source code, as shown in figure


description tag is to describe the general situation of the website a few words, these words don’t write too long not more than more than 100 words, these words to write on the company’s business and the company name and contact way, this basically is in the search results displayed in figure

now all walks of life companies have established their own websites, some enterprises or companies to set up their own website on the Internet, a home, can be said to have their own name card on the Internet, when customers want to know the company, directly on the site to see information about the company or. Then we for the enterprise or the company website, when the site made what problems need to pay attention to

2, website Keywords tag






web site Keywords tag has little effect on the website operation, only a little effect on the website optimization, the sparrow is small, Wuzangjuquan is the truth, whether it is business or portal website construction or production or on some of the procedures should be set up, that is to ensure customer website. View the source code view site Keywords tag using the method above right: figure:

how to design website title tag, we said in section

, please pay attention!

1, the website title tag


Description: 1, right view button to view the source code: figure:



website title tag many website construction programmers are easy to neglect, I remember before a company called me to consult, say to do a website why a long time, fell in love with the sea search company name does not have its own website, one reason is that there is no set website title tags, title tags see there are two methods, one for the customer is not the website construction, look at the top of the browser as shown in figure

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