To write soft article is no longer your work in the way of Shanghai Dragon

two. Soft content is novel, more life

three. Run out of ideas, how to write

content is king, the chain for the emperor. Now the search engine more attention to something within the site, so the site soft content is also very important. Original content is search engine of love, this is no doubt. But not all of the original content are popular, too many professional articles, or that the content is original, but the ideas are old topic some well-known, these types of articles often No one shows any interest in. So when we write text, first content to be novel, maybe your writing is not very good, but your content has some views and ideas of your own, often this is more likely to win the favor of readers. The readers want to know what he doesn’t know some new ideas. Some of the principles of error of course here said the view. It is too professional articles, we take out here, and not professional articles is not good, but inside a large number of professional terms, more or less affect your reading smooth feeling, if it can be expressed in some words more close to life, I think the effect will be better.

many friends to write text, after writing for a long time, did not find what content can be written, very easy to think of a topic, also found their written. If you have this problem, I look behind the method mentioned above, that problem is no problem for you. >

many engaged in Wuhan website optimization friends will think very hard to write soft, just beginning to learn more or to engage in the work of Shanghai Longfeng friends feel that there is no way to start to write text. As a Wuhan Shanghai dragon training workers, I was from the beginning to now come in handy can’t do anything. A student today with billion shield education on the topic of how to write soft paper for a discussion, found some problems often encountered many friends here, I would like to share my personal experience, I hope it can solve some difficult problems to write text.

speaking of soft writing format, understand it is very simple, with the structure of the site, good writing format can give people a clear sense of. Convenience to visitors viewing itself, clear soft can also let him quickly understand the expression of theme, we write soft Wen. In addition, a beautiful article writing format with the same face, is a problem of image can represent your site, if the article writing format, a row, west line will make people feel a mess, very bad for your website feeling, also influence we often say that the user experience. I personally feel that a good soft text format should be the first paragraph to opening in the form of a narrative, which can reflect your theme, but also closer to you and the distance between the readers and the only way to readers more interested in reading your article.


is a soft writing format of

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