Why not Shanghai dragon diagnosis website search engine in favor of.

general dynamic URL is not conducive to spider crawling, like some with a question mark, sign and some parameters are not desirable, the search engine is not love this. Therefore, A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization (贵族宝贝 group of Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/) suggest webmaster friends, URL must use static or pseudo static, so the search engine is friendly to grab, with the taste of the search engine.

301 in addition to avoid the use of jump outside

301 is used to change the URL to jump, can put the page weight from the previous old URL to the new web page, the search engine is acceptable, but the A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization team and we said to the next several jump is very unfriendly to search engines, but also make the search engine more sensitive. Such as: 302 jump, Javascript jump, Flash jump, Meta Refresh jump, these search engines are not love, hope that the webmaster can not not as much as possible in the web site.


, a Flash effect can not be more attractive but with

  every day there are many webmaster complaining about his site does not have a good ranking in the search engine spiders, do not love to website content to crawl, so if you want to love you, why not a spider web? And the reason why it will love visit other people’s Web site? There is no real reflection too, do a comprehensive diagnosis for their website? What do not search engine friendly move? Website design is conducive to the spider crawling and crawling? The search engine friendly has a lot of, the following A5 Shanghai dragon group diagnosis and Optimization on several aspects common to everyone and said a.


four, the navigation system to avoid using JS script

we can often see many websites use the Flash effect, have to admit that gives the visual effect is very good, if only use Flash, in a small part of the page such as: small ads produced by Flash, such as small icons, which are harmless, but some sites do a home page to a Flash file and the search engine grab HTML code is only one connected to the Flash link, no other text shows that the search engine will not be able to identify and what is relevant, which belong to the category, in addition, there are people who love in the home to put a Flash animation titles, and then jump to the HTML version the text search engine home page, however but couldn’t read, there is no way to jump to the HTML version of the page.

Three, avoid the use of dynamic URL

websites in order to attract people’s vision function, use the JS script to generate the navigation system, but the search engines do not parse the JS script, although the search.

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