A few questions on Links in five aspects

in some cases will be more special, such as the main site, index.asp give you a link, you’ll feel when you see the website do links, but the real home site is host to the default index.html, there is different, the dynamic version is specially for you. So this time we can directly enter the URL to see what is true or false.

said in the above basis, the most important thing is to look at the overall situation of the other site, is not each other’s resources station, the main thing is to see the snapshot, included the number, speed and frequency of how to update the PR value, and so on, and whether there is other sites do one-way links.

The attention of the

not included or blocked

Note that

pay attention to each other’s resources Station

check Links is one thing must be, because of the long-term development of Links stability on the site is a vital. If your site is not stable, so it is necessary to conscientiously communication or consulting is what. Some Adsense in exchange after the link will be torn down, so always check is a must. For large companies, may be due to management confusion, or personnel adjustment and other factors to Links, and for personal websites, there is little possibility.

dynamic and static home page

pageSome websites will put

Links on a separate page, way to do this is very convenient for management of the site, but some webmaster to control the link to the page to weight is very low, for example, only on the front page or site map on the link, without links to other pages, some put the links the nofollow attribute, so the Links page will also be included, but the weight will be very low. Under normal circumstances Links page should be part of the site, should be in a lot of pages are linked directly to the page.

Links pages using robots files or meta Noindex screen, it will not be included, so the link time should pay attention to this point. In addition, if the two are no problem, but also to see whether the use of the script to. If you do not see the script to source code if there is no problem, because put up the mouse will display links to URL normal, but the open source code will find the trick, is a JS script which uses.

site optimization process, in fact, most of the webmaster or in earnest to do link, because cheating is not long, but it is best to pay more attention to, learn more in Links exchange tricks, and make sure your site has a good link environment. The following I give you a summary of some possible summary, we hope to help.

often don’t check the deleted

If the

can reduce the weight of the

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