Love Shanghai so fierce bidding Shanghai dragon should decide on what path to follow

love Shanghai auction, even if make up don’t expect much traffic, but must have the equivalent of brand promotion. Not all the customers click love Shanghai to promote a "click rate distribution in various locations, and more on consumer awareness and promotion of love Shanghai, love Shanghai may choose not to extend. He will feel natural ranking below the site better, more strength.

2, a large number of long tail word layout

1, the main target keyword will be

love Shanghai bidding so fierce? Shanghai dragon should decide on what path to follow from the domestic situation? Love, Shanghai accounted for 70% of the market share, blocked most of the traffic network, because of this, the achievements of love Shanghai annual output once soaring, although also a few search engines seem to have little impact in the competition. Shanghai to promote the love from the left side of the 5 rose to 8, most of the traffic pattern matching to intercept, widely more terrible, as long as the keyword and phrase matching will appear. For small and medium-sized enterprises from the marketing cost, only a part of the keywords of the main business, have little to do ZhengZhan optimization. In the ranking is up, but no traffic, which is not what the client transaction. From the customer’s point of view, I am spending money, no income, is no good. Then slowly began to increase the Shanghai dragon industry misunderstanding, what are the trickster. The Shanghai dragon Er really not survive? Sichuan Hao state science and technology think we can choose another way, the long tail word to bid less than the turnover rate, high hot words, do not believe you try these tips?.

love Shanghai "

maybe a lot of people think that only the target keyword search volume, Shanghai dragon only need to do, in fact these are misunderstanding, bring a lot of long tail word flow than target keywords to many, such as the large B2c site, which needs to go to the hot word competition? Of course, a large number of long tail. Take careful layout of each page, choose keywords reasonable, choose to buy strong words to do, if you have the energy and time, so do it, The more, the better.

3, use the long tail word do external promotion

Although many

some people may say, I am Shanghai dragon, it should be handed over to the staff to do this extrapolation nonsense, do not have father. Understand Shanghai dragon to do the external promotion, more handy. The use of external promotion and site keywords layout, reasonable mix, no station word, using the third party platform of high weight, send a few posts will suddenly go up, this is not le Zai! Although the work is tedious, as long as persist for a while, the effect is still there. But a reminder: do similar work can make a small software to generate content, then automatically posted to the site of the third party, everything is automatic, just in time to find the content takes time.

4, inquiry platform promotion

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