Enterprise hosting account for promotion way!

in many enterprise managers heart, always think for the account of operation is a very simple thing, I just want to do these words, these words to me before the adjustment to the three on it, we do it yourself, see which post is idle, to which post staff to do business management! Every day will love Shanghai to search for those words, you specify well, very good, are in the home, on account of the operator a praise! A few months after the discovery, daily consumption gradually increased, the amount of telephone consultation is very few, the single less, and some even lose money. So called love Shanghai, what a piece of junk, after we do not

general small and medium-sized enterprises bidding will choose to love Shanghai customer service to operate, they think the love Shanghai customer service is very professional, after all, is in love with Shanghai company, and it’s free! There is a saying that good, free is the most expensive, I simply say what love sea customer service operation will bring what issues:


: a first love Shanghai have hundreds of customer accounts, basically no time to carefully analyze the situation of your account.

!At this time

do promotion, is the basic and some old customers have business dealings, without any new customers, anxious. Hear colleagues through the network marketing every day how much, much money, my heart itch, trying to find out. Eventually learned that they also rely on bidding advertising to bring the business, why not me? Then ask around teacher. On the way for teacher, do not rule out a lot of business owners deceived: "do a website optimization? Do not go after charge per click, then there is no need to fall in love with the sea of money!" "do a full network marketing, your product information spreading out, let the whole world know you are" and so on. These are not to be.

in the process of love Shanghai promotion, many enterprises have already realized that love is not reliable in Shanghai customer service, such as when we need to love Shanghai customer service adjustment account, the phone is always busy, they are not allowed to use such as QQ! Love Shanghai customer don’t understand our industry, do not understand the company’s products, do keywords and our products are not wasting a lot of money! So, these companies began to find operation for account personnel…

second: sales customer service will not communicate with you love Shanghai we consult recent or the advantages of our company and products.

: third different positions, this is the key! I love Shanghai which received a phone call is informing you of preferential activities, increase consumption, recharge renewals and other spending accounts, because after we go up, they can get more bonuses.

if the companies are not doing Internet marketing, some feel difficult, for all kinds of network marketing channels. From our contact with enterprises, enterprises will have more than 70% of the advertising budget to search advertising, or even 100%. Can achieve the desired effect for the account of the operator is the key to

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