Analysis of factors that can influence the website weight value

: the first site stability. Whether it is for the user or search engine, want to open the site speed quickly, the user is not willing to wait for a website to open, web access instability can easily lead to the loss of the user, and the instability of the website, the content is hard to be loved by Shanghai, which easily lead to the site from search engines the flow is low, causing the site can get ranked keywords, so from the love of Shanghai traffic will be less natural. In the search engine to determine the site weight, will take into account the site space factors, so as to reduce the weight of the website. The website often not open, the spider can’t grab content, such as plus web content is often the site collection weight high, so it is easy to lead spider think site content is a collection of others, so the stability of the site space is not only for users to consider, in order to spiders can grab, but also with a good the space, improve the site weight of their own.

these days in the observation site data found a strange website now, love Shanghai flow is reduced, the site included from more than 100 to more than 500, Shanghai love weight value to 1, here is not to understand the love of Shanghai in the end is what I think the weight, this thing really is what, what are the factors influence the weights of the website

second: the quality of Links. The site to find Links is to transfer the weight, but now a lot of websites to find more Links, reference is also more and more low, many sites are Links buy spam links, or links from the factory link, this kind of link not only to the site to bring the weight of the transmission. But for the influence of the weight of the website. How the weight of their own website, spider can give you Links site to evaluate, many high weight site to link to you, the spider will think you this site is of high quality, if it is garbage links, spiders will think this site weight is very low. So the impact of the weights of the website Links quality, but also to check well, for the website of Links, pay attention to the quantity rather than quality.

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third: website content quality. For the website, the website content is king, the higher the content of the site is search engine included, the possibility is bigger, the search engine’s database is limited, no need to repeat the same content included page, this page for users, quality is very low. The author of the website in the collection is greatly increased, the author will illustrate the weight of the site is very good, but the low weight of tools to view, this query tool is based on the principle of what? I said a lot of pressure, may only be based on traffic to determine the site from search engines, this judgment is not the standard, I also hope that the webmaster can effectively according to their own site to judge, believe that these tools can not complete the data. The content can be completely collected, you can’t say this site is down right now.

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