Discussion the search engine and the global market

then why did I say that it is very simple, the Internet now has a variety of websites, tens of thousands of all kinds of users, so how to spend so many eight websites to find useful on its own or the web site you need? At this time he will use search engine, as long as he is in the search engine input the name he website, he can find what he needs website, this is from the user perspective.

with the rapid development of the Internet, various search engines have emerged, big love Shanghai, noble baby, Yahoo, a small 360 search, Youdao search and so on, all kinds of. I always feel that a search engine is equivalent to a large shopping mall, Shanghai love may be Xinhua, noble baby may be WAL-MART, 360 search may be the website Yonghui, the equivalent of a commodity.

so if you walked into a large shopping mall to buy the same goods, seeking help in not, how do you find what you want to buy goods? Yes, it is the sign, suppose you want to buy Haier refrigerator, then you will find the first signs to household appliances in the area to the area, appliances in the area you’re looking for signs according to the refrigerator area, then looking for signs according to Haier refrigerator. In this way, you will find success you must find your goods, according to the signs around the road less, saving time, minimal cost to get what you want, therefore, how important is the sign for a shopping mall, I can certainly say, if a store signs are even no, this store is certainly not for a long time.

now we have another look at the search engine, if you are a commodity salesman, now you need to apply your goods on store shelves, you first need to consider what is the position? Shelf position, you need to put your goods put on a a prominent place, rather than cold in a corner, No one shows any interest in. The choice of a good shelf, how would you make your commodity sales promotion? Held a variety of promotional activities, to draw the attention of customers, concern, concern of many people, sales will naturally go up. Similarly, a website how to improve website traffic, first of all, you need to be in the search engine has a good ranking, get traffic must be more than second pages, third pages of high on the front page of the website; second station promotion, also is the chain, a web site, especially new sites, the beginning will have good rankings, how does that do? Need a lot of effective outside chain (effective refers to the non junk chain), with a large number of the chain guide users to visit your website and the spider. Third, the quality of website content to be high, said here the content quality is not only the original degree of the article, the website also includes the internal structure, the chain construction, the title of the article is to attract people and so on, if the user in your website in a minute without access to what he wants, he will leave your website.

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