Don’t need to change the thinking of Shanghai Dragon Technology into a dead end

Shanghai dragon

, the + chain extension mode

1, combined with the line resources.

this industry because of the low entry barriers, the increasingly intense competition. With the search engine of Shanghai dragon in this industry to increase efforts to crack down, if you want to quickly put the new ranking up rapidly, often have to spend more energy than before. The author of their own examples and friends in the story, also said that Shanghai dragon how to change ideas, to seek better development.

chain is still the most mainstream in the promotion mode. In this context, specifically responsible for the chain and dedicated to write original articles in the team also came into being. As a classification of the chain and a 500 word related to the original article price tag. If I say, Shanghai dragon you every day in the manufacture of a large number of low quality content for the Internet, and other platforms in bend over backwards to release the chain, you might say I said, Shanghai dragon should pay attention to how to optimize the structure of the site, how to carry out the keyword research, how to view the site log etc.. The main line of the promotion, I also go with the chain, but many webmaster, will feel very embarrassed, an optimization and promotion team, is responsible for the construction of the editor, the chain Commissioner responsible for the construction of the external links, professional art and program planning, grassroots webmaster you what will find you are not fine. Even if you work and study hard, but the Shanghai dragon in this field involves a lot of knowledge, it is a must to combat experience as the main industry, you go technical route within a short time, it is difficult to express a leader in Shanghai dragon. And you’re proud of writing speed, and the chain release techniques, there are many specialized studio at a very low price, more professional operation completely replace you.


optimization ideas change I was also confused can not go

A is the author of a friend, about one year experience in website optimization. A is one of the current situation in the maintenance of five or six stations, year >

Shanghai dragon’s goal is what? The optimization goal is to make your site more accurate flow of Shanghai dragon. The most direct, I believe the majority of people also like the author, for money, improve their quality of life and family. Since the Shanghai dragon is for profit, we might not put the idea change over, not just staring at the rankings fluctuations of some key words, feel all day by search engines such as the roller coaster at.

of course, you have a lot of kinds of currently available software, not within the scope of this paper. The search engine algorithm in constant adjustment, and took a set of software for the temporary day than do go always on tenterhooks, regular route.

every day for Internet content and garbage like paste like dogskin plaster bend over backwards, outside the chain life. However, in addition to the code and send the chain, I can not find a suitable way out. Glad I met some friends to change ideas.


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