Discussion on how to use the B2C website to bring traffic to Shanghai Dragon

at the same time, we can use the keyword tool and love from a noble baby Shanghai index search queries on the mall’s main business, service scope, classification of goods, commodity, commodity characteristics, commodity function and commercial consulting keywords spread collection.

second, selection of high quality

B2C website, also has failed, the Shanghai dragon to bring traffic are not the same. B2C for small and medium enterprises, when doing the optimization is there are some difficulties: first, the product is less, especially for the vertical segments of the B2C platform, the website of the product it may add up to 100 species. Second, key words difficult to mining, because the product is less, so the applicable keywords may feel very little. Third, the difficulty of organizing content, even by a proper method to find the keywords, then surround relevant keywords for content organization, this is a problem.

analysis of the choice of words is of vital importance to Shanghai Phoenix, we must first identify the core keywords, so as to extend more keywords. The electronic commerce website is to sell our products, so our core key word of course is the name of our product, for a single product site, the key word is the product name and product category, for the multi product website, all products are key, but need to arrange the key words to different pages to. There is a little more important is to integrate different keywords, create more keyword expansion, for example, we will be the origin of a product, performance, texture, color and so on are combined and the core keywords, is a very good keyword.

to solve these problems, the author share some B2C website about how to optimize the skills.

Optimization of the success of the

do B2C website optimization objective is to let potential customers into existing customers in the aspects of the user experience, so in this part is done. To provide good user interest and intention of the browsing experience. From the purchase before browsing, inquiry, check the whole customer service logistics links, to provide customers with satisfactory and sincere service. For example, a detailed description of the goods, payment process, order and so on, these are the points for attention. Of course, the product is not the same, these points will change, so do not have a fixed pattern, but in the process of continuous improvement.

As everyone knows


B2C website is profit by selling goods, rather than the information through the website forum, gathered popularity to sell advertising or achieve other goals, so we focus on the transformation of high quality flow. However, as a small and medium-sized B2C mall, no effect of its own brand, there is no big advertising budgets, Shanghai dragon is an important source of traffic.

keywords and miningAnd

First, the user experience of

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