What is website operationTen common nternet profit model

most foreign trade websites and domestic small and medium-sized enterprise websites, many cite

profit model one: online advertising

most important and most common online online profit model, the domestic good is Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other portals including industry portals. Most of the personal website profit model is also adopted this way, by hanging other people’s advertising survival.

website is how profitable? How many good profits? If I want to operate a website how to find profit? I am suitable for what kind of website? Believe that such problems are many website operators or interested in Web site operators friends are concerned, some profitable way under my face to do a simple introduction, hope to have some inspiration and help to you.

profit model four: registered membership fees, providing free membership differentiation services

, almost every entry into the global top 100 thousand commercial websites and personal website in SP to obtain economic returns, due to the current sp by China Mobile and other operators, some of the decline in profitability, the gravity model the market capitalization of listed companies are shrinking. Typical example: air web, 3G portal,.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

website operation refers to the network marketing system and all the late operation of the site related work.

‘s emerging online short video site broadcasts advertisers’ online ads before and after the video is loaded. Typical example: foreign youtube, domestic 56, potatoes, six rooms and so on

A. sells other people’s products C2C and B2C mode via the website.

typical example: NetEase games, Shanda games, The9 games and games local agents >

typical example: Taobao, eBay, C2C online auction, from successful transaction commission. Excellence, Dangdang, flowers, usually B2C B2C online retail is about two kinds of operation methods, one is your own products, sales through the Internet; another is to build an online retail platform, let more merchants to sell their products through this platform. Watercress network to build communities, recommended sales commission.

typical example: Alibaba China B2B website model. China chemical industry network, China’s chemical industry portal, there are a number of talent sites, electronic books, dating sites, online movies and many other key information is only for fee users……

One of the most profitable network profit model

website profit model three: Sales of products through the website

profit model two: CRBT, MMS downloading, SMS sending, subscription of electronic magazine and other forms of value-added telecom


profit model five: online game operators, virtual equipment and props trading,

B. sells its products including B2C mode via the web site,

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