Does Silicon Valley really have an entrepreneurial bubbleThe golden age of nternet wealth creation

congested pipes,

and the state recently issued a policy: registered company, do not need to have the office, do not need money, just holding identity cards, the relevant information can be registered to a company. State policies are very supportive of these innovative enterprises. So for a small micro enterprise, an entrepreneur, this is really a very good time,

startups can’t continue to be the "start-up companies" themselves, must be bought by more permanent investors, or become a public company through IPO. Businesses can’t stay in a state of instability, and even if they are household names, they must eventually be sold in some form to formalize their existence.

is now on the Internet is not the lack of resources, the Internet is not a product, most lack of trust and affection, these are many traditional bosses do not know or do not understand, it is difficult for them to accept or to read these. "

editor’s note: the current Silicon Valley technology industry may have had a bubble, because the sellers are significantly more buyers than Grasso, according to David, author of the article. Science and technology enterprise IPO quantity reduces, the merger and acquisition transaction also reduces, although the enterprise valuation is ultra high, but the investment fund is difficult to withdraw.

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is it a bubble,

here is pregnant with lots of opportunities, waiting for us to develop.


many start-ups are running money for business, and that’s not going to help. In Silicon Valley, ignoring the long-term viability of the business remains a mainstream concept. In essence, investors are not concerned about making money in the short term, nor are they worried about monetization. They value something else: the subscriber base is expanding rapidly.


in the Internet is a very flat society, anyone can voice here, it spread no geographical restrictions, very fast! A new product will soon have a lot of competitors; you have communication channels, your competitors are also…… In the traditional industry, these exclusive resources will soon be impacted and broken down by the internet……

why? Investors may be patient for the time being, but they’ll eventually ask for the money back. After all, they invest in return, not to become a permanent owner of an enterprise.


, in recent news reports, sees the birth of many new Internet businesses. Millet phone, logical thinking from the media, as well as the recent 100 education and so on, these are new thinking to create institutions or enterprises. The Internet revolution has already begun……

in short, get the user first, then talk about the money making problem. Eventually, at a given point in time, they will return to the question of money.

Internet market has created commercial democratization, that is, the choice is in the hands of Internet users, who take his money to invest in the product he most trusts.

when cash in the environment is not friendly, and if the acquisition and IPO speed is not accelerated, startups will cross the border and become a traditional company, thus getting into a difficult situation.


‘s money flowing into technology is still like a tsunami, and some claim that Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial bubble has taken shape. Bloomberg recently published a paper to discuss the current environment of technology companies.

, the word "bubble", is generally not easy to use. Looking at today’s Silicon Valley, it is appropriate to use the term "bubble" to describe. Investopedia reports that there is a sign of a big bubble in Silicon Valley: buyers are a lot more than sellers.

, little soldier

client, has now entered the real information society, it breeds a lot of new ideas, new technologies and new opportunities, when you read the following content, understand this period is how attractive, I believe you will not put too

! With the development of mobile The flat social structure of the

in simple terms, a lot of money flows to the industry of science and technology from the VC fund company, VC company with extraordinary speed to buy shares from the young company, but the money outflow from the technology company’s speed is not so fast, because the enterprise mergers and acquisitions and reduce IPO.


that’s true. People keep buying companies because they predict that the company will have a future in the future, but…

first of all, most of the offline companies that take up their resources are faced with challenges that face revolution.

investors generally rely on IPO, mergers and acquisitions, back to invest. If you can not IPO, no mergers and acquisitions, VC’s money can only stay in start-up companies, its value is uncertain.


they’ve been doing business with an innate mind, and now access to the Internet is definitely not going to work. Why do you say that? Because in traditional thinking, have the resources is a very important basis to create wealth, for example, to develop good products, which belongs to the resources; for example, communication channels, good advertising, good promotion and so on, which also belongs to the resources; for example, the sales staff, there is a huge sales team, or a strong sales channels, which are resources. In the traditional business of these resources, then your business will never do badly. But the Internet era is not the same, in the Internet age, the important thing is not resources. Why do you say so,

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