shlf1314 retains the web spam long to make moneySome suggestions to join Wangzhuan novice

actually do Wangzhuan nor what too much stuff, advertising is nothing more than a website, using the Internet to make money, ha ha, it is not very easy, but this intermediate stuff is really too much, will be to discover new things every day in the network, but in reality is the same and like to do business, as long as you find opportunities to develop immediately today, you will be successful, or is there a point of inspiration, came up with a creative what will be immediately successful, so the network is not what is not the same, not the same as the network is not put too much money, but in reality life to do business investment oh.

two. After the space domain name is solved, then begin to choose the website program, now site is too simple, site procedures are many, and all good, such as ASP>

one. First you have a website. There are two kinds of websites,

      days ago, Microsoft released a report on the SPAM search engine spam Technology research report. On this topic, the famous blog Nick Wilson to express their views in a video, he did not think shlf1314 had clear waste content in its search results, the reason is that the shlf1314 in order to earn ill-gotten gains through the website of the SPAM.


is now a lot of friends just contact Wangzhuan do not know from where to start, but do not know what should be done every day, every day to ask my friends to do Wangzhuan, from where to start, what should be done every day, so this evening, take the time to write, for the novice friends Oh, there is something wrong the place also wants to testify

      the core of shlf1314 is its search technology; the other is a pay per click model in its context. With the development of time, this text matching display advertising and pay per click model is becoming its true core. There are two reasons: first, this directly brings benefits to shlf1314; the other is that competitors such as Yahoo including Microsoft and sh419 are not enough to compete with them.

      this is the secret of bad money drives out good money on the Internet; good, original content is not crude, messy, repetitive. For example: an expired or obvious error information can not meet the needs of readers, but shlf1314 and Adsense advertising a good match, and by Adsense shows to related information links, naturally produced.

      Nick also said many times he had heard the saying: shlf1314 will automatically generate a large number of web pages in the search results, these pages are full of advertisements to users of these web pages without any meaning, unless the ad above can be your guide to other useful websites. Nick believes that shlf1314’s approach is unfair. "I just want to get the answer in the shortest possible time when I’m searching."."

that is the most important aspect of the content of the website and the development orientation, there is made in the early stage is to make money, if you want to make money early see garbage station, if the early don’t want to make money, the will to do industry station, ha ha, personal opinion, or to decide. After positioning, start the following steps:


      some people think that shlf1314 never remove junk content in its search results, but shlf1314 will generate a large number of Web spam in search results, in order to earn ill-gotten gains. However, this is less worrying for shlf1314 Chinese, because Chinese Web snapshots are inaccessible, even if they are not valid.

thank you!

      new tax system is not the Internet era, foreign media recently reported that the pink of perfection, the famous blog Nick Wilson in a video on shlf1314 were attacked, he believes that shlf1314 never remove junk content in its search results, the reverse shlf1314 will generate a large number of Web spam in search results, this to earn ill-gotten gains.

2. second. That is to spend a little money to buy and buy the space station this top-level domain name, ownership in your own hands, want to do on how to do traffic, advertising you say oh. Want to apply for that alliance is no problem, huh?. I see, or spend a little money to do their own station, ha ha. Not more than one year, the good points of the space is 200-500 the price is not the same, remember to buy space that will spend more money to buy a better space, stable, cheap is not too good, often a problem, the site can not be opened or is slow, it is unable to retain people. Domain name is also between 50-65. A small ad I use is ADMIN5 flat-share space, is also good, relatively stable, this year is the second year, oh, do not give advertising advertising really, I go to collect advertisement fee tomorrow a joke.

answer the following to show you how to do it,

1. is a free with others such as blogs or forums, using other people’s two level domain name, these, good and bad, good is the root without spending a dime to the station, ready to flow can also make money, the downside is not down the application station website alliance, but you can also find these people some attention to help you delete account registration. The initiative is not in your hands, you can not do what you want to do.

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