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I send some things, and not to write text, but feel that many young people willing to start their own businesses, their own jobs to more people in need of a job, regardless of whether they are aware of itself, is a patriotic act, so I would like to tell these people the way.

sh419 know the accuracy and high weight advantages are obvious to everyone, so many friends are using this platform to do Taobao customers. But because some people can not find tips, not always. I come here to share some of their experience, I hope to help webmaster friends.

Taobao customer promotion is mainly in kind, so the webmaster in the choice of products, must pay attention to product quality whether pass, so that not only can promote the conversion rate, but also is responsible for their own conscience. Use sh419 know what Taobao customer is awesome, as long as your heart can not a small harvest.

ADMIN5 actually gave us a valuable platform for the exchange, but many people have turned it into an abusive place, change the metaphor as a kind of graph king do school, a group of people in the school everyday class loudly, ignore discipline, instead think this is the only vent their emotions place.

hope that some English is not good, the best first English well, even if I don’t do again, says CJ, is to ask how to register, how to get the code, because even if people tell you what to do, like you do in the absolute level, English station no future.

but the fact makes me feel that the atmosphere of ADMIN5 is too impetuous, more harsh, no quality.

, I saw my CJ account last year to this year, and the whole year’s performance was like this:

to answer the question we must find such a question, we can input the keywords in sh419 know the search box to search, and then click on the problem to be solved, so that all the available resources to come out. When I find the question, I should answer it. There are a lot of knowledge in it. I summarize as follows.

many people may want to ask my performance is how to do it, in fact, ADMIN5 has also the successful experience of "22 year old NABS CJ months of operation make $100 thousand to share the experience of" I do almost exactly the same, but I don’t have time to make that experience.

in fact, China’s most profitable Adsense groups are not outdated, CHINAZ and ADMIN5.

source: cyy9/ acne products original A5 first, reprint please keep.

I have written before "how will your CJ account to 10 thousand dollars a month" in this article, I believe many people here will think that is false, even more people think it is true, will not happen to them. I personally think that these people can really welcome this Internet winter, this line is not for you.

first, tell the questioner that he has the same trouble. For example, some netizens ask, "I’m pregnant for a month, and there are many appliances in the house. How can I effectively avoid the radiation to the baby?". When we answer, it’s best to begin with this: "I am a mother too, and I have the same trouble as you.". This kind of opening will shorten the distance between you and the questioner and make our answer more convincing.

sometimes I really feel sad.

finally do publicity by third party tone, can end like this: my cousin is director of Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, she said the mother must have several sets of radiation-proof clothes, XX website is very professional, when she was pregnant is bought in the above, then I also bought a very good. The advantage of using the third tone is that it increases credibility and makes it easier for potential customers to become consumers.

most people do sh419 know from a way by ourselves, the benefits of this approach is the publicity of the soft set is the best answer, the effect is better. Although the answer can be a very good operation of sh419, but they ignore a very important point, is that there is no directional customer participation. We promote Taobao customers in order to allow others to buy products, only to pull in customers before they have the opportunity to produce orders. So what can I do for the most direct promotion? The approach I take is to answer the questions of the target population directly.

go out and see the outside world, and you really know how much money the Internet business is making.


I often browse some valuable posts, such as 3 months to earn 800 thousand, and some experience of some people to write, to look at the comments below, sometimes feel that the author of the article took the time to write something completely is not worth.

likes to publish some articles in ADMIN5, not because we want to deliberately publicize some things, nor write soft Wen, just because of the king Wang’s words: "what should we do for the Chinese webmaster?".

then intensified the seriousness and urgency of the problem, enlarged the agony of the questioner, and increased their desire for the product. In the preceding example, we can then answer: "it is said that today’s electrical appliances are more or less radiation, will have an impact on fetal development, and in serious cases may cause harm to intelligence.".

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