Does food related websites have market prospects

now people’s living standard improving diet concept is a great change, from the original "food" to the "green health", from the original "full" to the "appropriate health", all show people began to realize the importance of health.

"hunger breeds discontentment", the diet related websites have

market prospects?

Tuixy thinks it must be.

, let’s take a look at some life stories:

1. soybean milk machine

"in 2008, Joyoung soybean milk machine sold more than 10 million units, the income of more than 3 billion yuan; in 2008, the United States announced to spend 300 million yuan to expand 30 million production capacity of soybean milk machine production line."."

originally wanted to drink Soybean milk, can only be bought outside the ready, now buy a soybean milk machine at home, you can always drink. Let’s take a look at the data above. Oh, my God, there are so many small soya bean milk machines sold in one year. If so many people visit a website, what a magnificent sight it is!


2. Juicer

"fruit juice", "vegetable juice", "corn juice""……

are all drinks market, now you can do it yourself at home. What you need is just a juicer, clean, green, healthy and healthy.

3. pressure cooker

The pressure cooker using liquefied gas heating of conventional

. At that time is a big change, but the trouble and security is a headache; and now the electric pressure cooker that is simply too convenient, simple, safe, fast, convenient and clean.

there are so many things related to it, electric hot pot, home coffee machine, yogurt machine, electromagnetic oven, etc..

said so much, what does that have to do with the site,


1. can be a professional selling food related kitchen, home appliance website.

I went to Taobao and some professional home appliance sales website to understand, the demand for this is still great, of course, this line of capital demand is not small.

2. recipe website

we have a generation of people who understand computers may not be many, but our generation and then down to understand a lot of computers, and at home to do what dishes will not, then go online to find out.

3. diet communication class

in fact, most people like to communicate, especially when they share some of their experiences and share them.

4. extension class

do a diet related website, to others to do product promotion is also good.

, a few days ago, my wife was making a cake at home, looking for it all over the city, and I didn’t find any tools for family use

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