Horse Grassland small and medium station owners need an active spirit of entering WTO

in recent years, the country has cooled down from the high speed of economic development, and began to pay attention to social equity and pursue the overall situation of stability. At this point, the lower threshold of the Internet discourse platform has received unprecedented attention. Any small event, after speculation and promotion on the Internet, may become a hot event of great impact.

The actual demand of

network management and control

from the constraints of public power, network supervision role should not be underestimated, it uncovered a real-life jutan. From the protection of private power, the spread of human flesh search has brought serious challenges to the protection of citizens’ privacy by national laws. When social contradictions are highlighted, it is also the time of the volcanic eruption in the Internet world. Because of unresolved appeals in life, at least in the network can give vent. Individual cases, if users get attention and support, forming a strong pressure of public opinion, is very conducive to solving problems. Therefore, the country for a variety of considerations, the purity of social morality, especially the needs of social stability, the network began to very strict control.

difficult years for small and medium webmaster

round after round of network strike hard, so that the majority of small and medium-sized Internet owners struggling to cope with, and thus the future of China’s Internet generated confusion. There are many reasons behind this phenomenon. From the external causes of the domestic network environment, the diversification of policies and the hysteresis of the law, it is difficult for China’s Internet to make a favorable guarantee. From the growth of small and medium-sized AdSense for internal reasons, the content of homogenization and vulgarization, so that a considerable part of the site lost in the starting line, and even "playing edge ball" illegal suspects. Of course, external causes work through internal causes. In the background of the network under the current grim situation, the majority of small and medium-sized webmaster want to survive the storm, a reasonable appeal at the same time on the one hand, we must find out the reason from the aspects of their own. The forbidden websites and contents of the state must not be touched.

what’s the future path,


because the majority of small and medium-sized webmaster is out of interest and the choice of the construction site in the network, so the flurry of storms crackdown, some owners choose to give up, no longer engaged in individual stationmaster which was a sacred and proud occupation. Some webmaster reluctantly continue to adhere to, watching the changes in the situation. In the absence of a good turn before, are careful to do stand man. If we can do more reflection from the source, so that we can nip in the bud and do better self-protection in advance, we may be able to minimize the loss. For example, in a timely manner to do the filing work, do not upload illegal vulgar content, reproduced content, copyright ownership identified, and so on.

although some Internet owners give up the personal webmaster’s road, but the vast majority of small and medium-sized owners still can not give up the national policy and the improvement of the law appeal. Even if the relevant departments unreasonable regulations, voice effect is not big, but must not choose

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