Rice and vegetable roll Forum marketing we should decide on what path to follow

entered the 09 year, in fact the site for an ordinary Internet users often removed from the Internet has been a very common thing, why? With the rise of the domestic most open source web application, to build their own websites, blogs, portals only need to install software as the next step, the next step can be installed. It is also because of the reduction of the site threshold, so that website construction can be popularized at a time, so that more people who do not understand the technology can build their own websites in a short time. Last year’s CN domain name, one yuan registration, a year of activities, but also so many small and medium-sized sites have mushroomed built up.

in the domestic large and small sites, do the webmaster forum also occupy a considerable part of the share, but at present the development of the forum has been great as before, most often do BBS webmaster have a good idea or a good theme. However, at present, most of the domestic forum can not do the reasons for summing up, that is, the following aspects:

1. forum construction at the beginning of the unknown, can not get traffic, I do not know how to promote out.

2. forum positioning too big, when there is no focus, that is, no features.

3. forum early classification too much, resulting in traffic dispersion, the popularity of each section cold.

4. forum uses open source program, the template uses public template, its appearance is not featured, the site’s VI is to attract users first sense of the important factors.

5. forum to collect data, this kind of garbage station with nothing to do with the difference.

6. no value data resources of the forum without some good resources as a pillar, then quickly lose users.

7. plate classification monotonous, most of the domestic forum classification is similar, no difference, this gives visitors experience a fatigue.

8. forum unmanned management, relying solely on the maintenance of a webmaster, update, publicity, technology.

the above aspects are some of the reasons why some forum always can not do it, then I put forward these ideas is not that these are simple to solve, but want to explain the development of the forum is more and more difficult, it is not easy for the forum marketing, because of the above will be the site of resistance will be difficult to do it, do not the forum to talk about marketing. I want to do a good job in marketing forum is the first station to do it alone, the flow is not used, the more interaction platform, are pursuing stable user base, so a forum atmosphere is the key factors.

then, in the current period of small and medium-sized websites flooding, if you want to do forum marketing, I think we can consider the following aspects:

1. is a forum for health, women, health and beauty, although it may not be what most webmasters like to do, but this forum is not going to be a local vertical class

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