How to make the local real estate network and real estate business and government to form win-win co

although the government issued the regulation of prices will not have any loose, but from some local governments, in order to make their local land not depreciate, always from overtly or covertly will continue the good wind blow to the real estate market, so the real estate market still exists a huge opportunity, as the real estate market Internet base local real estate, natural network, also can be in the real estate market big cake, a piece of the cake of their own points.

the current real estate market, the family just to be still in wait-and-see, but inevitably, they will be far more than the concern for real estate investors, this is the reason why many of the local real estate group popular popularity, when a city to develop a new production project, this project will attract the QQ group to follow up, and although the house is very big, visible doesn’t sell, but related to the real estate downturn in the popularity or not, which provides the basis to bring stability and loyal users of local real estate network traffic sources.

but the local real estate network has been popular, but these can not be popular into the actual flow, the final purpose of nature is not the place of real estate network operations, because the local real estate network can not be made public website, he also need to earnings, for customer loyalty, is to enhance the local real estate net profit, how to loyal users of local real estate net into huge profits, the key lies in the local real estate network and local real estate developers and government departments will form a close working relationship. The following I would like to explore how to make local real estate network and the government and property developers to form a strategic partnership.

1: priority and local developers to establish cooperation

relative to the government, and the local real estate business partnership is clearly much smaller, and when your site has a certain user loyalty, you will find that you don’t even have to take the initiative to contact the local real estate network will value you place the potential of the web site, and you are willing to cooperate, but in general. These local real estate network for Internet marketing is relatively weak, will only know advertising in the local real estate online, which is obviously not able to maximize the local real estate net profit.


as a local real estate network operators should take the initiative, hope to be able to get the right agent, the local real estate sales house in other words, is to help the real estate developers to buy a house, using the latest in a series of e-commerce means, such as group purchase and the rebate form to attract those who just need family attention, as the final part the price or discount, let the family just need no wait, decisive shot. So that local real estate network to obtain higher profits.

two: several issues that need to be paid attention to in cooperation with local governments

first of all, we should definitely know that local governments hope that the real estate unpopular, the higher the price for the local government, it means to be able to sell higher land prices, local wealth

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