Why do Chinese people insult the China domain name

"China" domain name National Open Beta activities have already started, a large number of netizens expressed high enthusiasm and active participation. However, some discordant sounds also took place. For example, a friend wrote a "China." why to toss domain user habits "boring". China Bowen, "the domain name was also lower down, mixed with a trace of insulting. In this regard, the author is very puzzled, why should the Chinese insult "China" domain name?

read the article found that the users for the domain name. China "has a lot of misunderstanding, which is one of the reasons may make impertinent remarks. The blog said, "China" domain name for users is a torment, because the input "China" domain name, need to continue to switch input method. As a matter of fact, enter the "China" domain name without switching input method. For example, the domain name of sina is "Sina China." enter Sina in your browser. "China" and "Sina. China" can visit sina. I would like to ask, without switching input method, can be directly input, talk about what?. China domain name on the user’s suffering,


in recent days, there has been a lot of Bowen like the "China" domain name. The author summed up a bit, people on "China" domain name has misunderstood, will belittle "China" domain name. Specifically, people misunderstand the "China" domain name in the following aspects:

1, "China" domain name service who? Many bloggers believe that "China" domain name is not convenient for foreigners to use. In fact, this statement is completely wrong, "China" domain name core is convenient for all Chinese people use, not convenient for foreigners to use, foreigners can use English domain name. In practice, the "China" domain name brings a lot of convenience to all Chinese Internet users.

in the domain name system English, if we need to access Microsoft China this website, you need to enter the http://s.microsoft.com/china that a lot of English, in the browser ". After Chinese" domain name, directly in the browser input "Microsoft. China" on it. The introduction of "China" domain name, the basic purpose is to facilitate the Chinese Internet, and many bloggers misunderstood the role of "China" domain name.

2, "China" domain name is difficult to use where? Almost all belittle "China" domain name Bowen, have mentioned the "China" domain name using cumbersome problems. The reason is that the use of "China" domain name, you need to switch back and forth input method. The fact is that the use of "China" domain name, without switching input method, this point I have described in the above.

3, "China" domain name promotion problems, many Bowen also mentioned "China" domain name promotion problem, said. "China" domain name will let some enterprises must protect more domain name brand. In this paper, also cited the example of sina. Chinese "," Sina. Net "and" Sina company "and" Sina.

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