The webmaster checks the importance of the website every day

when you open this article, I have to tell you a very important thing, that is, the website is also like our own plants and animals. Love every day. So before that, I’d like to give you a quote from the Webmaster: "did you check your website today?"

site must be checked every day, because our site meets some unexpected things every day. For example, the following happens frequently among our webmaster.

1. in the search engine above to see their own site, found that my site has been poisoning, or Trojan horse. The effect of flow on the site is great, there is the old users of the integrity of the site will be reduced, will certainly reduce the integrity caused by PV decreased, IP traffic decline, but this problem we can be completely avoided, if you can check your site every day. (of course, some friends say, I’m a lot of sites, I can’t insist on coming, I want to tell you, and do well 1-2 sites, than you do 10 sites, the effect is much better.


2. server, the server is not stable, can lead to a search engine range 500 (server error), 404 (file not found) this error more common, actually this kind of mistake is a serious mistake on the site, will cause the search engine to stop crawling updates, or download ranking. If you stick to it in time, there will be no problem when it is settled.

3. dead links but also a lot of harm, so easy to reduce the crawler to your site above the credit, suggest that every day you to Google administrator tools to look at a dead link the obvious, you will get rid of it.

4. is a small problem with repeating tag elements, so if you update the article every day, you’ll see whether the markup element has duplicates, and these duplicate markup elements are not good for your content page ranking.

there are a lot of questions I haven’t listed yet, but these questions are all our webmaster Chang Fasheng’s problems, so you know how important it is to stick to your site every day.


;       reprinted, please note, chat, Kat, Chuang

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