Personal webmaster success experience talk about how effective market segments

as a webmaster, specifically, grassroots webmaster, there is no good team behind, strong financial support, but not a huge background. Some are just confident and eager that they can succeed by doing it. Perhaps a lot of people have similar situations with me, with the passion for entrepreneurship, and firmly moving forward on the road to do so. However, five years ago, ten years ago, the Internet is still in the infancy stage of development, individual owners who are also in the initial stage, has not grown as we know the success of the Internet giants who, compared to the current age of the Internet, they are "pioneers", but also have more opportunities than today lucky.

I am very limited to the current situation and understanding of the internet. Although the time is not long, but in the process of doing the station, but really experience the hardships and difficulties of doing stand. I can only earn a little money, and may only use enough pocket, and then through the advertising alliance, on the monthly advertising, this is not a very difficult thing. But we want to do in the station to get more income, get rich, let his family can live a good day, but really very difficult, even in my opinion, as personal webmaster want to reach this level, is an almost impossible task". In the face of cruelty in reality, how to get out of the difficult situation, break through the tight encirclement, and let only a personal power station, in the current complex Internet environment to achieve success, I have some of my own views. Mainly from the following aspects:

1. Find your niche market,

from the famous "long tail theory" out of the "market segments or areas" is an early personal Adsense can make their website very good development of important means. Internet giants in the integration of resources, there is no personal Adsense can not match the advantages of

they have been successful on the internet. You can use funds, teams, resources and other rapid and large-scale occupation of your desired field, personal Adsense in the overall competition with them, there is no chance to speak of. Personal webmaster’s development is grasped by you and grasps "the market segment", this market may be some profession, may also be a certain domain. In this industry, if you are your own characteristics, you are or can be one of the insiders. Then you have your own resources and advantages, let yourself continue to move forward.

two, good development plan, rapid occupation of "market segments"

as soon as possible to capture a segment of the market, earlier than others, it means you can get better than others". When others start, you already have the advantage of developing and accumulating, which is the key to keeping ahead and achieving profitability and success.

, but the premise is to find a market that suits you, then have a rough plan for the future of the site, and avoid a major revision of the site later

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