Why don’t you do a web site without your own stuff

has just done the station, just a few months time, perhaps the newborn calf is not afraid of tiger, dare to take a challenge, now a lot of web titles. Here not to say only to earn a lot of money on the professional garbage station, only to talk about some so-called formal Station – there is no content of their own garbage.


had no website, when Baidu or Google search for the information they want, numerous repetitive web pages came into view, and I will choose a relatively famous website to enter. The content is the same, the famous plays a decisive role, those who have never heard of, but also the content and major websites rarely patronize as like as two peas.

often come to Admin5, often see many webmaster complain about Baidu K station, dial hair. These owners have not thought about the reason, blindly blame how abusive, Baidu algorithm. Baidu is responsible for ordinary Internet users, and is a fatal blow to the garbage collector.

creativity can be copied, there are many domestic and foreign success stories, you can copy, but the content can not be copied. Tencent is copied, Baidu is copied, the school is copied, they succeeded. What did they copy? Is that content?


many people might say, "I’m not acquisition, not copying other people’s content, I where content to Internet users can see?" this mentality is very torsion, you do not have their own things, the content on the Internet is a grasp of a lot of netizens will come to your website to have? Come, let alone to keep your Baidu Internet users can see? What is the use? The so-called Baidu webmaster lost heart, is self defeating remarks just fooling themselves. Baidu is not afraid of nothing. It just doesn’t need junk. It’s so simple. No unique content, creativity, I suggest you do something you like, good at it, it is not suitable for you to do web site. Want to rely on copy content, dream bigger and stronger, that is the Arabian nights.

so please stop making Internet junk and be a useful station for Internet users. Now it is not too late, Internet copyright is perfect sooner or later, don’t say "this is the Chinese" such nonsense, it may take a long time, the politics and economy, people’s overall quality development to a certain stage, is the inevitable result. When you copy, a picture, an article can sue you to put up the shutters. Although the first posting to slobber brick, I’m not soft.

way to complain about, recently Admin5 many articles are false original, that is of no use, only a waste of time, at the beginning of good, see section third "by second, this does not copy it ~", try not to let the adults want to edit the pseudo original muddle through.

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