English station SEO and Japanese station SEO several promotion experience

this time have many SEO sites are in foreign languages, including Japanese English station 2, station 5, have not done before the foreign SEO station, when the feeling in the construction of the chain is very difficult, so that the online around to collect information, and through a lot of practice to find out a little bit rookie level experience, and to share with you.

The chain construction method 1, and Chinese sites like

: for example, to each big BBS, blog to send articles, advertising, personal signature, personal space to send the log, to ask to add URL and so on, this move is mainly aimed at English and Japanese Google, after all, Baidu included the counter the chain effect is small, can not bring potential customers. There is a view that foreign websites on the domestic web site will be K, I personally think it is nonsense, the role is not big, it is worth exploring.

2, especially recommend a chain for your competitors, and even other good keywords ranking web site in English Google L "ink:" look, you can find it in the chain resources. Last week a special surprise to find that a replicawatch site was ranked first by some despicable means up to do, depends entirely on the chain anchor text to a lot of PR especially high (more than 4, many of the 6) can be any irrigation forums piles of piles and piles into the mountain up to do from! I also found some very good use of SEO chain resources, of course, here refers to the overseas irrigation forum, especially high in PR, you may wish to try


3, English station and the Japanese station commonly used anti chain resources: social bookmarking (in fact is its own web site of it), large bokee.com (log), a well-known Forum (signature), web directory submission, quiz website and the most commonly used Links exchange (caught not a chance, after all at home the foreign Links resources rarely)

, let’s hope you can see something valuable in it. Original text: Guangzhou website construction blog: http://s.wenfor.net.cn; Guangzhou website optimization blog: http://s.seotg.com, cheapwatches-blog

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