How should WeChat be taken advantage of by everyone and make rational use of it


, one is of great significance to everyone Fu products, a is considered the future development strategy of the important pieces of Tencent, its commercial value was acknowledged to be the most dominant and destructive force. So you can see a lot of micro-blog marketing company began to transition to do WeChat, some from the media also began to use WeChat’s efficiency for self promotion, has achieved commercial purposes.

All kinds of commercial behavior in

come in a throng around WeChat, as a member of the common owners, especially based on extensive flow in 84 sites, we will want to take part in the interests of the use of coupons under the new situation the search advantage of sales, due to the use of WeChat’s public platform to do marketing or business other acts have become the focus of everyone today. The author himself has also operated a public account, hoping to become an influential media in the public platform through unique information content.

however, the ideal is full, the reality is skinny. For 6 months, my own public accounts didn’t show success. It was lukewarm, perhaps a little short. However, more or less summed up a bit of experience, in this to share with you, it is intended to do something in this industry novice friends a bit of advice.

for WeChat’s product attributes:


, has been focused on the efficiency of WeChat’s delivery, compared with micro-blog, WeChat’s arrival rate can be said to be one hundred percent. But we have to understand that the one hundred percent must be used with caution, because it is not we can spend the capital, because it is one hundred percent, so the user harassment is up to a more sensitive position, if the information provided to the user in the business is too strong, or the value is not high, most likely a huge loss by the user. So when I give my own website to do promotional activities such as coupons, I will give some shopping experience around the advertising information so as not to scare off the users. Therefore, compared with micro-blog’s bulletin board effect, WeChat should put more effort into the content and users, otherwise the space for development is very small.

should also be careful about WeChat’s public platform. Before, Tencent for the public platform remediation has let us see the crisis, if the future one day, Tencent find another reason to seal your number, you really have no way. So, now that the Tencent has not really begun to hurt, make the brand quickly and introduce more traffic into other places. Don’t just expect WeChat’s public platform to be a permanent source of prosperity, and it’s key to make your own backup. And now in such a period, the public account to be bigger, must first users profit, the money can not be too early to look at, to develop it again.

, a platform that has too much control over itself, is not a fair thing for developers. In addition to being rated, our business is likely to be imitated and lost competitiveness. Because all our businesses are >

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