Along the way, have always been willing to be a grassroots

often meets on the Internet and asks myself how to study. My usual answer is self-study. After all, practice is the truth,.

recalled the first time to contact the computer now, in its own way is very difficult, then still in middle school. Ha ha home with the computer after the germination of my enthusiasm to the computer, because the computer does not understand, often bad, for holding the computer from the computer city is a lot! How bad, is it prolonged illness, soak themselves in books read computer books, and then go home to repair themselves, in the course of time will touch the principle, this is the first time that I feel a sense of accomplishment, on the high school classmates often discuss the blog thing, no speaker meaning, listening to the heart, can be considered continue to go forward, can not stay in the computer repair. Then went to Internet cafes to collect this type of information. More and more excited, so there are so many things I don’t know. Especially strong curiosity. So with a friend around to see if it can be a Which play a website or something like that for a long time in visiting the various forums, until a chance that Admin5! See many webmaster articles, learn a lot, but also know a lot of enthusiastic webmaster! So, by virtue of these resources, began to step into the first network. A station chose a relatively simple DZ forum program to do! I’ve never come into contact with PHP, HTML, ASP, domain name, server, search engines like, especially when looking at a modified template string code was worse than watching English, post also made a lot of people, also asked a lot to, but not much, no way, qiurenburuqiuji! And he bought many books by rote, the results were disastrous! Dare not give the family know what to get these, learning by doing, many, gradually understand! Slowly forum is huge, ask the server Problem has become a wall ahead of me, a high school student, home a week to 100 fast food, still have to save 50 dollars to maintain the operation of the forum, all this just for the sake of their own network of hobby! No way, at the end of the transfer, after a long period of time is very empty often, the global forum website, but suffer from cash strapped, failed to develop.

now! I was a university the second grade students, industrial design students! In view of global network before learned some, re opened a ASP development platform to do the film video resource station, the road is not smooth, but by virtue of their professional knowledge, I found a lot of people and design logo website it is not good, which directly affect the visitors praise degree, so I will contact the owners everywhere ask if they need to replace a logo or a design template, my condition is not money, but can teach me some stuff in exchange, ha ha, this is very useful, many webmaster contact me design, and I have any questions I don’t like the same, I have asked, gradually learned a lot of.

concludes with a summary: "I believe that everyone is not born a genius, anything will happen, and I believe too."

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