How complementary advantages of small and medium-sized websites to expand market share

for personal webmaster or a small team of management and operation of small and medium-sized sites, facing various fields have huge amounts of money and large Internet companies a large number of operators, in direct adversarial competition are often difficult to account for cheap. The "head" type of competition is not what we advocate, should take not wise strategy. When the sheep and giraffe race, the sheep will certainly not choose to compete with giraffe, to see who is high enough, but should see who is flexible, to play their own advantages, competition with rivals is the survival and development of smart people.

therefore, as small and medium-sized site managers, and the strength of strong opponents in competition, competition and the expansion of the selection can give full play to their own advantages is wise, but a large number of small and medium-sized websites also can combined with complementary advantages, has a space for one person in the fierce competition in the market through the positioning service and the number of detailed many advantages, which are used as the core to expand cooperation, gradually expanding.

How does

choose partners that can complement each other?

In order to maximize the effectiveness of cooperation,

is the key to success in choosing a mutually complementary and non conflict partner. Owners need to do is, according to their website, first screened in the same type of website, in a large number of similar sites, assessment according to the website theme, website localization, content quality, level and a series of websites such as PR and Baidu snapshot collection and other technical indicators, these indicators choose your own website and the quality and level of similar according to their own website, and is superior to the target site, the list list for the next contact preparations.

for the site types and different themes can be considered especially such as CMS and CMS website and forum, quiz, quiz system in cooperation with the forum, this program has different orientation and development mode between different site cooperation, in order to make the two do not conflict, but also can provide extended for each user the service is convenient for their users, development and through mutual integration and exchange between users further promote their website. In addition to the details of cooperation, to express mutual cooperation relationship, thus users can reduce the strangeness in the first visit, as soon as possible to use the new website, enhance the sense of trust.

How does

develop complementary advantages and cooperation with its chosen partners?

, after choosing a web site that is not behind its own web site, then comes to consider and plan the details of the collaboration. In the principle of cooperation, both sides should abide by and emphasize the advantages of complementary, while not allowing unfair use of means to disturb users to destroy the behavior of partners, otherwise heavy penalties. The relevant punishment measures can be made clear and stipulated in the form of contract, so as to ensure the normal cooperation and protect the legitimate rights and interests of both parties. This is the most fundamental principle of cooperation, but also any webmaster

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