Comprehensive analysis of the importance of Web visual design principles

in the network company, you see a lot of the website, must have their own aesthetic vision, some beautiful, some are too vulgar to be endured, here, many people may think that a web site do not need to care so much, as long as customers love it. Sun Chen believes that any web site can not be done alone to do, but you need to consider whether the site is really meaningful. Look at the network, will do too many sites, but really do good, there are a few, which in response to why people only a few.

today, Sun Chenlai for everyone to say simple web visual design principles, hope to be able to give you some suggestions, in the network design will be better than peers.

first, we must understand, what is the importance of "visual design principle, according to a website, web page visual design principles directly affect the user experience, in other words, as a web designer, you need to consider is that your website design came out if people see so, say, you must follow the web visual design principle, which is essential for the design of a point. Mainly reflected in the following aspects:

user experience is the king of money making

said, "there are so many people who do web sites and design websites. Anyone who wants to design can do it, but it’s really too good to do.". So, this has resulted in a phenomenon, is to design better, but there is no design ideas but benefits more and more low, especially in a few years later, still holding the money without any changes, then design every website you have to see


the reason that the user experience is king, because you are considering a page from the visual design, how, you have to consider is how to read fast to solve this project, is not how to perfect this page do. Including many artists now, regardless of the picture and web links. Ask, when you finish this page, whether you consider whether your customers can make use of this money? In fact, he can not make money, you can not even.

has to talk about user experience here, and you need to know what it feels like to be a real user. I like a few months ago looking for plastic website, website that did not see that plastic feel very perfect, however, I repeatedly sought after, found that so few do very beautiful page, the page to sell the products to the user through the text, then the color collocation is reasonable, the whole page is very beautiful, let the love you imperceptibly. And before I found this page, opened a lot of pages, really, there is no desire to see that, so, look at the next closed. That’s not following the principles of Web vision design.

good design is soul

has seen some friends who design

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