New sites on-line 2 days profit 30 thousand high transformation type website construction share

a phone, an order, a website, a team site time 1 months and 20 days, on-line time to generate a small 2 days of the order, this is not Arabian Nights, this is the charm of SEO. The core of the website is to bring profit to the enterprise, thereby make the enterprise profit. This is what everybody knows, of course, the author is even more clear. When the site produces such benefits, I think this is not just accidental, and then a comprehensive analysis of their own website, found a few more core reasons to share.

site positioning is very important, it is like enterprise products, determine the characteristics of the site, features, as well as user groups and features of the site can bring benefits. Understand your own core concepts, target users, groups, and website competition. The core of the website positioning is to build the core differentiation of the website, and then set up its own brand image in the minds of consumers in this differentiation.

below is the title of the author’s website:


is very simple, clear, no pile of keywords, and expressed the service content of the site. Keywords and keywords are not exclusive, because both are surrounded only by a theme of Phoenix Town accommodation. Perhaps you would say, "isn’t that a waste of keyword competition? Yes, but at the same time we’ve improved our core competitiveness. We only do one thing, stay.". To the user’s feeling is professional. Not complicated.

The description of the

web site is as follows:


many people ignore this piece of magic small place, did not know his role is too strong, just 90 words, highlights the core content of the website directly, I think this is the land where. Let’s look at the rankings in the first page of the second site description and tite:


above the site ranked second, arguably it has been optimized very well, the description is also sunken Linjiang Inn, reservations and other Phoenix Town Raiders, and so on. This is what users want to see? Standing in the user’s point of view, the answer is obviously not, to attract users is definitely not your keyword pile up, but what can you really provide services?.

above is only a portal for users to come into the website. Setting up the key is the key, and then the setting of the content in our station.

I have seen many webmaster, in order to update and go with the new, for content and to do the content. In fact, your starting point and purpose are wrong. The user is not a spider, you can but you can’t really perfunctory perfunctory spider users, you false original tools pseudo paragraph is not divided, statements are not fluent, how such content how to attract users to pay for


so how are we >?

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