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the day before yesterday in reading Zac eldest brother’s "network marketing actual password" in a chapter, found that is really right, especially that article, the specific title forget what is it. When it comes to the market is marketing and the network is very similar, but the market moved to the network up, so some market can also be applied to the appropriate operation to the network, but the network also needs to show more and more ways, especially the section, "originally take 1000 ready to buy a washing machine, when the sales staff ready to buy to recommend to you a better, more perfect, and the price is about 200 of the time, you would think that, since the 1000 are spent, and then spend 200 to buy a better way. You may decide to buy, the sales staff will be a giveaway if you recommend, you can also get more out of 100 other package free of charge, and what to pay 100 can also be free to extract our prize Opportunity to get spree……" Wait, wait until you get home. One estimate is that you’ve risen from $1000 to $2000, and that’s one of them: bundling.

after watching this, I think we buy things in reality when it is really the case occurred frequently, second days to see when the user experience suddenly feel if I can also apply to our company website, I do so, perhaps not detached, but is feeling better than the original the better, is going to see some cases and, not deliberately query some information when the search results, then the result does not appear, however, in search of information without prompting the user when the user holds advice to look at other information or, that you are not looking for × × × I think this, suddenly found that Baidu and Google and other major search engines will have this experience, users feel affinity. Then according to this I also use our company’s website search results page, as for us another I have to adjust the site at present, first with the first to see traffic statistical information, see the user’s residence and close the page whether the effect of a reduction in the well adjusted, at least than not search any information when users avoid direct closed, so that we may inadvertently a lot less customers, perhaps is the last in the Zhengzhou SEO small white party said that, regardless of the link or content is king is king, we must ensure that the user is king, so we can make our consumption have a fixed population, at the same time so that users will be willing to pay for your hard work.

, it seems that this study really learned a lot, go home to continue eating books, ha ha,


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