Why not Shanghai dragon diagnosis website search engine in favor of.

general dynamic URL is not conducive to spider crawling, like some with a question mark, sign and some parameters are not desirable, the search engine is not love this. Therefore, A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization (贵族宝贝 group of Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/) suggest webmaster friends, URL must use static or pseudo static, so the search engine is friendly to grab, with the taste of the search engine.

301 in addition to avoid the use of jump outside

301 is used to change the URL to jump, can put the page weight from the previous old URL to the new web page, the search engine is acceptable, but the A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization team and we said to the next several jump is very unfriendly to search engines, but also make the search engine more sensitive. Such as: 302 jump, Javascript jump, Flash jump, Meta Refresh jump, these search engines are not love, hope that the webmaster can not not as much as possible in the web site. read more

Why right down the website ranking drop and Solutions

website will have a very high proportion of dead links. Especially the revision of big website, the dead link is not counting. If a section to Submit search engine, it is basically impossible. Although the robots shield or 301 permanent redirect (now Shanghai launched a website of love but also the role of tools is not great, I pro test data delay more powerful) small business station can be used to submit the death.

to float

two, website keywords or web site is K

Another point is the revision of the read more

Fuzhou Shanghai decoration company analysis out of love love Shanghai home into the sandbox

next time, I have two or three domain name was transferred to other virtual host, independent websites. There are few domain name transfer, also built a web site or do a few pages, no longer tied in the Yellow pages.

third: when your site into the sandbox, do not throw the website, should publish articles, especially the high quality of the original article.

a summary for decoration company in Fuzhou here to share with the students:

due to the original web content on the site is too broad, big change, and update the article every day. After a month of time, site out of the sandbox. read more

A few questions on Links in five aspects

in some cases will be more special, such as the main site, index.asp give you a link, you’ll feel when you see the website do links, but the real home site is host to the default index.html, there is different, the dynamic version is specially for you. So this time we can directly enter the URL to see what is true or false.

said in the above basis, the most important thing is to look at the overall situation of the other site, is not each other’s resources station, the main thing is to see the snapshot, included the number, speed and frequency of how to update the PR value, and so on, and whether there is other sites do one-way links. read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform VP club will be on the line can submit news source


A5 (www.admin5贵族宝贝) station network January 23rd news, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released the upcoming on-line VIP club, provide more benefits for the VIP membership privileges, such as news source submission, VIP communication channels etc.. VIP club members will have a variety of different grades, each member will enjoy different privileges. The details are as follows:

provides different services according to different grades of membership privileges will be submitted, such as news source privilege, VIP communication channels website problems, love Shanghai original spark program, the right to use advanced tools, new tools such as the right measured limited service. read more

Love Shanghai so fierce bidding Shanghai dragon should decide on what path to follow

love Shanghai auction, even if make up don’t expect much traffic, but must have the equivalent of brand promotion. Not all the customers click love Shanghai to promote a "click rate distribution in various locations, and more on consumer awareness and promotion of love Shanghai, love Shanghai may choose not to extend. He will feel natural ranking below the site better, more strength.

2, a large number of long tail word layout

1, the main target keyword will be

love Shanghai bidding so fierce? Shanghai dragon should decide on what path to follow from the domestic situation? Love, Shanghai accounted for 70% of the market share, blocked most of the traffic network, because of this, the achievements of love Shanghai annual output once soaring, although also a few search engines seem to have little impact in the competition. Shanghai to promote the love from the left side of the 5 rose to 8, most of the traffic pattern matching to intercept, widely more terrible, as long as the keyword and phrase matching will appear. For small and medium-sized enterprises from the marketing cost, only a part of the keywords of the main business, have little to do ZhengZhan optimization. In the ranking is up, but no traffic, which is not what the client transaction. From the customer’s point of view, I am spending money, no income, is no good. Then slowly began to increase the Shanghai dragon industry misunderstanding, what are the trickster. The Shanghai dragon Er really not survive? Sichuan Hao state science and technology think we can choose another way, the long tail word to bid less than the turnover rate, high hot words, do not believe you try these tips?. read more

Black hat with white hat is the strong return Shanghai dragon cap

a lot of people seem to talk about black hat Shanghai dragon have some feeling of fear, actually. The so-called black hat techniques with our usual white hat techniques are similar, the same is the treatment method, different is the treatment of master degree. Every day we are trying to increase the quality of site links, about to add more content to the web site. If you increase the chain one or two quality quite high to the site, so the site of great help; but if the daily increase of hundreds or even thousands of the chain to the site, the site of the end how (high weight website of course. The general site can not stand) every day a little more original? Content to the website, the accumulation of down effect is considerable; but every day to add hundreds of articles, it is original, only to copy the collection, the final outcome is predictable. read more

Boiling point network Q & a platform is a major weapon in Shanghai Dragon

has several authoritative quiz platform, here we recommend to the boiling point of the network: love Shanghai know, Sina asked, QQ ask, YAHOO knowledge hall, the question and answer, ask the Qihoo, the Tencent Sogou quiz, ask questions a bit more professional, so the IP will be more, but this is to look at the actual needs to choose.

method is a little trouble, although as long as the answer content through the audit, but not adopted as the best answer is almost a little. And answer to the questions as much detail as possible, to feel more useful, and answer questions to take this quiz platform and how good this link and answer easily through the audit. read more

Enterprise hosting account for promotion way!

in many enterprise managers heart, always think for the account of operation is a very simple thing, I just want to do these words, these words to me before the adjustment to the three on it, we do it yourself, see which post is idle, to which post staff to do business management! Every day will love Shanghai to search for those words, you specify well, very good, are in the home, on account of the operator a praise! A few months after the discovery, daily consumption gradually increased, the amount of telephone consultation is very few, the single less, and some even lose money. So called love Shanghai, what a piece of junk, after we do not read more

Analysis of factors that can influence the website weight value

: the first site stability. Whether it is for the user or search engine, want to open the site speed quickly, the user is not willing to wait for a website to open, web access instability can easily lead to the loss of the user, and the instability of the website, the content is hard to be loved by Shanghai, which easily lead to the site from search engines the flow is low, causing the site can get ranked keywords, so from the love of Shanghai traffic will be less natural. In the search engine to determine the site weight, will take into account the site space factors, so as to reduce the weight of the website. The website often not open, the spider can’t grab content, such as plus web content is often the site collection weight high, so it is easy to lead spider think site content is a collection of others, so the stability of the site space is not only for users to consider, in order to spiders can grab, but also with a good the space, improve the site weight of their own. read more

A few keywords ranking factors restricting analysis

1: the stability of the chain link, we are pretty much done through the forum, account protection and maintenance is not enough, send a large number of links or spam links deleted by the administrator as well as the use of missing links, no formal means it is letter account number if the top stick machine irrigation phenomenon, directly affect you. In front of all posts outside the chain.

3: Links or to buy links. The two are the same whether change or buy, quality first, link farms do not touch, buy links should pay attention to the stability, do not suddenly increase too many links lead to cheating phenomenon. Links should also pay attention to the website of the other side is normal included and snapshots. read more

Discussion the search engine and the global market

then why did I say that it is very simple, the Internet now has a variety of websites, tens of thousands of all kinds of users, so how to spend so many eight websites to find useful on its own or the web site you need? At this time he will use search engine, as long as he is in the search engine input the name he website, he can find what he needs website, this is from the user perspective.

with the rapid development of the Internet, various search engines have emerged, big love Shanghai, noble baby, Yahoo, a small 360 search, Youdao search and so on, all kinds of. I always feel that a search engine is equivalent to a large shopping mall, Shanghai love may be Xinhua, noble baby may be WAL-MART, 360 search may be the website Yonghui, the equivalent of a commodity. read more

Don’t need to change the thinking of Shanghai Dragon Technology into a dead end

Shanghai dragon

, the + chain extension mode

1, combined with the line resources.

this industry because of the low entry barriers, the increasingly intense competition. With the search engine of Shanghai dragon in this industry to increase efforts to crack down, if you want to quickly put the new ranking up rapidly, often have to spend more energy than before. The author of their own examples and friends in the story, also said that Shanghai dragon how to change ideas, to seek better development. read more

Experience, change the space of website optimization

this is all do not want to see the results, also lost the old Cao for timely replacement in space before and after, in order to make the site optimization will not cause more severe damage, so no matter from the chain or from the original are under a lot of effort, will miserably recruit him. Have to say is lucky. In fact, I have a doubt, now love Shanghai to replace space punishment so big, before this factor is almost negligible, we can see that this factor in the love of Shanghai seems to have very important, so we late for space also needs to be oh, there is a website space as far as possible not to use cheap, inevitable could you change the space one day. read more

Discussion on how to use the B2C website to bring traffic to Shanghai Dragon

at the same time, we can use the keyword tool and love from a noble baby Shanghai index search queries on the mall’s main business, service scope, classification of goods, commodity, commodity characteristics, commodity function and commercial consulting keywords spread collection.

second, selection of high quality

B2C website, also has failed, the Shanghai dragon to bring traffic are not the same. B2C for small and medium enterprises, when doing the optimization is there are some difficulties: first, the product is less, especially for the vertical segments of the B2C platform, the website of the product it may add up to 100 species. Second, key words difficult to mining, because the product is less, so the applicable keywords may feel very little. Third, the difficulty of organizing content, even by a proper method to find the keywords, then surround relevant keywords for content organization, this is a problem. read more

Do anchor text and URL exposure diversification diversification

a few days ago I wrote an article "on the construction of the chain to say a few things" in A5, received many webmaster friends recognized, recommended in the A5 page, many of my friends are in the bottom of the article to deliver recommendations, the article has been in the TOP this week to occupy a position, since this I also wrote this article for the first time to get such good results, ha ha, a smile.

main keywords have a long tail, anchor links need to diversify

accepted at present read more

Et Book Search common pop linesh419 theme promotion, an idea, two days

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

Adsense network alliance information release group: 2360256

data returns: real time return.

more League information is available: http://s.top.admin5/u

audit method: media audit.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

Book Search easy advertising alliance: ordinary pop up, welcome webmaster actively launch, believed to bring good returns for the webmaster! Please contact customer service to open formal site webmaster. Customer service :183288818 319035197 read more

What is website operationTen common nternet profit model

most foreign trade websites and domestic small and medium-sized enterprise websites, many cite

profit model one: online advertising

most important and most common online online profit model, the domestic good is Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other portals including industry portals. Most of the personal website profit model is also adopted this way, by hanging other people’s advertising survival.

website is how profitable? How many good profits? If I want to operate a website how to find profit? I am suitable for what kind of website? Believe that such problems are many website operators or interested in Web site operators friends are concerned, some profitable way under my face to do a simple introduction, hope to have some inspiration and help to you. read more

Chinese entrepreneurs how to prevent copycatHu Yibo makes money on Taobao

in the United States Shuoboliandu when students of the dictionary is very strong demand, in 2003, the founder of the online dictionary "dict.cn". Because want to do about the brand promotion in China, chose sh419 and two portal to cooperation, we provide content licensing and platform support, help to build a portal "dictionary" channel, to help us get the "sea" brand play out.


I was so indignant that I found a lawyer friend and asked if I could go to law. But this matter needs to collect evidence, must seal up two servers, moreover the other party has made the revision to the later thesaurus, but how deep is the change, has not the standard to appraise and to limit. So complex, how can only give up?. read more

Three views on click rate of website CPC adYou can through the 24 hours for the latest GG account He

now formal channels to apply for GG advertising has been difficult, many friends because before cheating K many accounts, and now want to reapply, but it is difficult to pass. What? No GG would be a lot less profitable. Let’s talk to everyone here today:

first name name, for example, your name is " Wang Kangmei " and then there is fill in " Kangmei"

browser login flixya/, see figure 1

username fills in user names, such as rabbit

number 1: the ads on the website will always be crowded. It looks like nonsense speech is actually the truth, even if you have N many people said that any advertising he never any point on the site for you, even if there are N many people say to you, he saw the ads on the website is bored, will immediately turn off if the advertising is provide the closing function. Some might argue that the site has 1 million PV, and there must be some advertising, but the vast majority of personal websites or small websites are definitely not going to be able to do that. That’s true, but it’s not as embarrassing as it is. In fact, general website alliance ad click rate in 0.1% to 1% between, of course is also high, if your website advertising is particularly eye-catching, and the ratio of the content on the website also attract people, reached 50% or even higher is possible. But you can achieve so high, alliance will dare to put your account, have obtained income to you deducted. So, or go steady, do not use some not very legitimate means, the pursuit of excessive click through rate. With 0.1% calculations, 1000 AD displays, 1 hits; 1000 ad impressions by 1; 10 hits. Basically, if the click rate can reach a high click rate in 0.4%-0.6%, this is the overall situation of the industry. Of course, if your site has a click through rate of 4%-6% and the Advertising Federation doesn’t close your account, you should give a book about your experience. Many people claim that they don’t want ads. They don’t lie, because there are as many as 990 or even 999 in 1000 people. Your ad doesn’t give you income, but it only consumes your traffic and bandwidth. But as long as there are people in 1000, that’s enough read more